5 Tips for Self-Tanning and Working Out

5 Tips for Self-Tanning and Working Out : Do you like to exercise, but you love self-tanning more? There’s are several ways to avoid blotches and patches that’s often caused by friction and sweat.

A self-tanner is super convenient for getting your glow on. But there are times when your self-tanner looks picture perfect on certain parts of your body and looks like a hot mess on the other parts. What the heck happened between now and your sweaty yoga session?

There will be times when your tan will fade away in between the breasts and the inner elbows. It can also cause diamond or scaly patches to occur.

Patches often occur when you’re not properly hydrated or after you spent several hours in the swimming pool. It’s also caused from friction and sweat from an intense workout session. If you exercise, you may find that your tan could fade away within days. Moisturizing and other practices can help you maintain your self-tan for a week or longer.

It’s unfortunate that your time spent at the gym or the yoga studio can cause your self-tan to sweat off. After all, you want to look your best tanned and fit self.

So, how can you exercise and maintain your tan at the same time? You shouldn’t have to give up one or the other. Here are some tips for maintaining your tan while working out this summer when you’re likely to sweat more.

  1. Use a Self-Tanner That Can be Topped Up

    Whether you like to exercise a lot or if you sweat a lot, then you’ll want to keep your tan on the lighter side. It’s better to apply a gradual self-tanner, so it doesn’t bleed every time you workout. The light application is easier to top up and fill in if you notice any patches. You can use a gradual tanner from MineTan that creates a natural glow that you can gradually build for a highly customized tan.

  2. Choose Your Workout Clothes Carefully

    You also want to be cautious on the type of workout clothing you wear. Instead of wearing thick leggings, you should wear breathable leggings made from seamless materials that feel like second skin. You can also wear leggings that contain mesh, which generates air flow. The right sports bra is also important since modern styles are made from fabrics and materials that wick away sweat and moisture.

  3. Wear Baby Powder on Sweaty Areas

    One way to prevent a self-tanning mishap from happening whenever you exercise is to sprinkle a little baby powder onto the sweaty parts of your body such as your chest and underarms. You can also sprinkle it in your sports bra and in the crotch area of your workout pants. You should also keep in mind the parts where your skin often rubs. Another idea is to combine baby powder with bronzing powder and apply it to the backs of your knees and on your inner arms. The great thing about baby powder is that it prevents friction which can ruin your tan.

  4. Take a Cool Shower & Moisturize Afterwards

    After every workout session, you should take a shower in cool water. Then gently towel-dry your skin and apply moisturizer, which will keep your skin hydrated and maintain your tan. The active ingredient in self-tanning products known as DHA is a very drying ingredient, so moisturizing is important for prolonging your tan. You should consider using a lotion or moisturizer that contains natural ingredients and essential oils.

    Some of these lotions even contain formulations that are specifically made for self-tanned or naturally tanned skin. Another tip is to use the blow dryer on the cool setting to cool down your body to prevent excess sweating from happening.

  5. Keep a Tanning Kit in Your Gym Bag

    If you notice that your tan is starting to fade or sweat off, then you should pack a tanning kit in your gym. You don’t even have to purchase a tan kit. You can create one yourself by bringing your favorite self-tanner, exfoliator, and tan removal wipes that quickly removes self-tanning mistakes. You can use these wipes on the sweaty parts of your body, such as your armpits, breasts, and inner arms.


Some tanning towelettes or wipes even come with a guide that allows you to see which areas in which your self-tan causes streaks and orange splotches. You should also include an oil-free moisturizer in your tanning kit that acts as a barrier between you and your skin before applying self-tanner.





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5 Tips for Self-Tanning and Working Out

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