5 Ways For an Active Woman to Celebrate Her Birthday in Style

5 Ways For an Active Woman to Celebrate Her Birthday in Style : If you’re the type of girl who’s always up for an adventure and trying something new with her squad, a birthday is a prime opportunity to go all out and make a big deal about it.

As an active woman, however, you’ve probably got about a million things going on in your daily planner. Balancing work and play might be a little tough but here are some ideas for you to make your special day an amazing and one of a kind experience surrounded by your loved ones. Check out these 5 ways for a beautiful and active woman to celebrate her birthday in style.

  1. A day of pampering at the salon

    Maybe it’s time for you and your girlfriends to change up your look a little. Make an appointment at your favorite hair, nail and facial salon for you and your squad and get ready to sit back and relax. This gives you an opportunity too let go of your busy schedule and let someone completely pamper you as you catch up with your friends and really give yourself a treat for your birthday.

    Some salons may even offer special birthday discounts so do ask before heading over there. Not only will you get a nice and relaxing treat for your birthday but you’ll also go home with a new and refreshed look.

  2. Learn something new, take a class

    Take the opportunity to learn something new that you never had a chance to amidst your busy schedule. You could opt for a private group session with your friends or be adventurous and head in solo. Now’s the time to take a trial or beginners class in anything you’ve wanted to learn, be it a yoga class to get your zen on, a watercolor painting class to spark your creativity, or if you’re feeling a little daring, try a pole dancing class. It’s your birthday and it’s time to level up on a new skill.

  3. Stay in for a wine and cheese night

    If you’re tired of being out for almost every day in the year, then maybe your birthday deserves a quiet night in. You could invite your friends and family over for a classy wine and cheese taster night. Find out the perfect pairings of wine and cheese and get them ready at home. You can even opt to call up a few catering companies that specialize in custom cheese sampler boards for an even fancier approach.

    Stay in for a wine and cheese night
    Stay in for a wine and cheese night
  4. High tea with the ladies

    Get out and head over to somewhere fancy and definitely insta-worthy for a fancy high tea session with your girlfriends. Birthday cake is so overrated anyway when you can have three or four tiers of scrumptious finger foods and fancy desserts coupled with your favorite brew. It’s a good time to get all dressed up in style and spend some quality time with your friends on your special day.

  5. A wild night out with your very own pub crawl

    Who says pub crawls are only reserved for bachelorette parties? You can have one with the girls on your birthday too! Pick a couple of your favorite late-night spots and make an adventure out of it. Make sure to go during happy hour for some bonus drinks, maybe tell the bartender it’s your birthday and score some free cake to go with your drinks.

Recommended Gifts and Cards for a Beautiful & Active Woman

It’s always good to be prepared! Choosing something personal and relatable will remind them of the special bond you share with each other. There are tons of websites with birthday gift ideas for women. Just be sure to pick something that matches your relationship and her interests and you can’t go wrong! A simple card is also a nice way to show your appreciation, and you don’t have to bust the budget.

I hope you have appreciated these birthday celebration ideas for beautiful active women. Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference and hope to see you her again soon!






5 Ways For an Active Woman to Celebrate Her Birthday in Style

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