Breast Implant Removal: Procedure, Complications and Recovery

Breast Implant Removal: Procedure, Complications and Recovery
Breast Implant Removal: Procedure, Complications and Recovery

Breast implant removal surgery is a medical procedure in which plastic surgery patients get their breast implants taking out. This population of plastic surgery patients includes those who’ve had standard implant surgery as well as breast augmentation.

Surgeons generally advise their patients to have a revision surgery of some sort around year 10; post-surgery. Breast implants don’t last forever. For this reason, it’s important to understand the guidelines and procedures for safely removing breast implants.

Who should get breast implant removal surgery?

Over time, scar tissue from breast surgery can harden and cause discomfort/pain. Capsular contracture can also occur as the result of aging scar tissue. As scar tissue becomes tighter, the breast muscle can also become knotted and hardened. More severe situations such as implant ruptures can also be the reason for a breast implant removal procedure. Leaking implants significantly increases the risk of infection and disease. If you feel differences in your implants such as deflation or deformities, you should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss removal options. Individuals who aren’t satisfied with the physical appearance of their implant(s) are also candidates for this procedure.

How much does implant removal surgery cost?

Although removal surgery is an individualized process, average expenses range between $2000-$3000. It is important to know this average cost does not consider expenses such as anesthesia and medical facility fees. Consulting with a qualified plastic surgeon can help you determine the final cost of your procedure. Additional expenses to be mindful of includes prescriptions, exams, x-rays, and post-surgery treatment.

Breast implant removal complications and risks

Safety and efficiency will always remain top priorities for qualified plastic surgeons. For this reason, risks, complications, and safety guidelines will be discussed upon examination and consultation. This procedure is a process customized to each patient. However, complications that can arise include undesirable scarring, looser skin, hematomas, and excess bleeding. Breast implant removal complications may not occur often, but it’s important to know potential risks before scheduling your appointment. Proper consultation can answer questions you may have regarding potential complications related to your surgery.

Breast implant removal steps

  1. Anesthesia
    A sedative anesthesia blend is administered to put you at comfort for your procedure.
  2. Incision
    The surgeon makes incision in the lower region of the breast to prepare for implant removal.
  3. Surgery
    Your board-certified plastic surgeon will use the best operating techniques suited for your implant removal operation.
  4. Incisions closed
    This can be done using adhesive, skin clips, tape, sutures, or a combination. The method in which your incisions are closed will depend on incision size and your specific surgery.


Recovery after breast implant removal

Following a removal procedure, your surgeon may insert drain tubes under your skin to help reduce swelling and excess bleeding during the first week. During this time, it’s recommended to wear gauze bandaging over the incision site to promote fast-healing. Compression bras and shirts are also common among

implant removal patients. Supportive clothing garments can influence proper healing by keeping breast muscles in place during recovery. Following surgery, your doctor will conduct a post-consultation and give you a treatment plan for recovery after breast implant removal. This will include prescription medications and basic follow-up care instructions.

Although patients of this surgery typically return to work within one week, full recovery and results can take up to one year. This allows scar tissue to minimize while the body acclimates to changes made by surgery. However, strenuous physical activity can generally be resumed after six weeks. There are many qualified surgeons offering efficient implant removal services in The United States. Learn more about Dr. Strawn and the breast implant removal options available to you.







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