5 Winter Health Tips To Keep You Healthy And Happy

5 Winter Health Tips To Keep You Healthy And Happy : With winter upon us, it can be a struggle to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. Shorter days, longer nights, frigid weather, not to mention cold and flu season. It can sometimes feel as if we weren’t built for this time of year. It can be tempting to fall into destructive habits like hibernating and unhealthy eating. While it can be a struggle to keep a positive outlook and a strong immune system, there are steps you can take. Keep reading for five tips to stay healthy and happy this winter.

Eat Healthily

When we feel the cold, dark weather setting we tend to want to turn to comfort food.  However comfort food, while providing comfort, does little in the way of providing necessary nutrients. Foods that are rich in vitamin C are essential to keeping our immune systems strong enough to fight off the common cold or flu. A diet with lots of fruits and vegetables will go a long way to keeping us healthy during the frosty months.  The last thing you need is a cold dragging you down this winter. Eating healthily can also positively affect your dental health. If you need a checkup, check out Endodontics in thousand oaks.

Stay Active

We all know that exercise is necessary to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Even as little as 15 minutes a day can do wonders for our bodies and our minds. Whether you are able to venture out to the gym regularly, have a morning yoga practice, or get sessions with a virtual personal trainer, movement is essential.

Sleep Well

While some might believe the opposite to be true, the long nights can be counterproductive to our sleep patterns. Because it starts getting dark at 5 pm, our bodies stop associating the nighttime with sleep.  This is why it becomes so important to make sure you are getting seven or eight hours of sleep each night. Sleep is an opportunity for our proverbial batteries to recharge, strengthening our immune systems and keeping us healthy.

Keep Warm

Even though it may seem redundant to mention this, keeping yourself warm and dressing appropriately keeps you protected against hypothermia. Invest in a good winter coat and boots. Add blankets to your bed. Invest in a visit from your personal trainer to get your blood flowing. Whatever it takes to keep that bone-chilling cold at bay.

Stay Hydrated

The cold winter air is very drying for our bodies. Combine that with the heat from our furnaces and the consumption of hot beverages like tea and coffee, it’s very easy to become dehydrated. While we are constantly reminded to stay hydrated in the summer, it’s even more important in the wintertime to help support our immune systems.

There are so many different unhealthy habits to fall into during the winter. Some people are affected by the lack of sunlight, some by the cold; others fall into hibernation mode. Hopefully, these helpful tips have empowered you to make those small changes in your life this winter that will give you significant results. Stay hydrated, eat well, get plenty of sleep, keep your body warm and in motion, and you will stay happy and healthy all winter long.





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5 Winter Health Tips To Keep You Healthy And Happy

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