6 Common Injuries From Martial Arts

6 Common Injuries From Martial Arts : Whether you are already in martial arts, such as women’s kickboxing, or you’re planning to try it for the first time, you might be wondering what the most common injuries are. In cities such as Denver, Colorado, the martial arts scene has resources to thrive and proves to be a valued outlet for culture,  fitness, and self-defense amongst locals. Many injured martial artists might find themselves seeking out a local sport and spine physical therapy clinic in Denver, while others might attempt to treat their injuries at home.

While we don’t want to think about getting injured, sometimes it’s good to know what can happen so that we can prepare ourselves well. For all injuries, seeking medical attention right away can reduce the effects of the injury and make it easier and quicker to heal. This guide will discuss the most common injuries as well as what to do if you happen to get hurt while practicing martial arts.

Common Injuries

Most of the injuries that come from martial arts happen when the person is by someone’s hand or foot. This can cause soreness as well as bruising. Sprains and strains are also possible.

Damage to the Skin

When your opponent strikes you with their hand or foot, it can cause skin damage especially if the blow is very hard. Most of the time, it will cause some bruising or cuts. These usually do not have to be treated by a doctor some ice packs and a simple first aid kit will do.

If the bruising is severe though or the cut is very deep, visiting a doctor might be necessary especially if you think stitches are needed.

Knee Injuries

Some poses in martial arts cause you to have to stand with bent knees. If you are kicking or doing other poses and do not land on your knees correctly, this can cause you to sustain a knee injury.

If someone kicks you in the knee when it is not bent correctly and you fall, this can also cause a lot of pain and injuries.


A strain is a type of injury that is done to the tendon or muscle. Strains are common in most sports, including martial arts. You might need to see a doctor when you experience a strain so they can give you the proper treatment and ensure that the strain is not made worse.

You might also have to take a break from martial arts while the strain is healing or you can easily make it worse.


Sprains happen when there is an injury in the ligaments that hold the bones together. One of the most common sprains is plantar fasciitis. This is when there is overstretching or bruising on the plantar fascia ligament that is along the sole.

It can be very painful and will often require rest before you can continue practicing martial arts. If the doctor recommends you to rest and stay off your feet, make sure you listen to their directions to avoid worse injuries in the future.

Overuse Injuries

It’s common to have injuries by overusing certain body parts. All athletes experience overuse injuries no matter what sport they practice. When you are doing the same movements over and over, the muscles and bones can get tired and begin to weaken.

If you have injuries from overuse, you might want to take a short break and then resume once you feel better.


Dislocating certain body parts is common in martial arts and mostly happens in the toes, feet, fingers, and hands.

Risk Factors for Martial Arts Injuries

Anyone doing martial arts can receive an injury, however, some people might experience injuries easily if they have certain risk factors.

These include:

  • People who overtrain or spend too much time practicing martial arts will find it very easy to get overuse injuries
  • Inexperienced and new people to martial arts might find it easy to get injuries because they are not used to the sport or they are not used to all the demands it can put on the body
  • Those who are new to the sport might also not have the best technique which means they can hold their body incorrectly and then get injured
  • Some people also use excessive force which can lead to skin damage and sprains from not being gentle enough with their bodies and the bodies of their opponents

How to Avoid Injuries in Martial Arts

Luckily, there are some easy ways you can avoid injuries in martial arts. The first thing to do is decide if martial arts is right for you. You can always drop in on some classes and see if it’s something that would work for you or not.

Make sure you always listen to the instructor. They will give you tips on the correct way to stand and do each move.

This makes it easier to not get injured because you will be in the correct pose making it less likely to get sprains and strains. If you think you are not in the right posture or position, you should always ask the instructor and see if they can give you some tips and advice.

If helmets or mouthguards are required, make sure you always wear them to protect yourself.

If your kids are the ones doing martial arts, make sure they are always following all safety and protective protocols. You can also ensure they view martial arts as more fun and less competition. Sometimes when kids get involved in too much competition they are more likely to get injured.

Lastly, never keep going if you have pain, and make sure your kids know this rule as well. Whenever you experience pain, don’t push through it. Let yourself relax and let the instructor know you are feeling pain.


Injuries from martial arts can often be avoided as you gain experience and learn how to make the right moves and postures. However, sometimes they happen and you need to be able to get the help you need if you have been injured.

The most common injuries to be aware of are skin damage, sprains, and strains. All these injuries can cause pain and they sometimes require a visit to the doctor.







6 Common Injuries From Martial Arts

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