6 Most Common Causes of Personal Injury Lawsuits

6 Most Common Causes of Personal Injury Lawsuits
6 Most Common Causes of Personal Injury Lawsuits

6 Most Common Causes of Personal Injury Lawsuits : Personal injury lawyers are loaded with an incredible amount of work, as millions of people are filing lawsuits after getting injured due to others’ negligence. Therefore, statistically, there is every chance that you may face the ramifications of someone’s negligence. As a result, you must not only look for ways to stay fit after incurring an injury but shall also go to people who help others recover from injuries by getting them compensation, i.e., lawyers.

Moreover, you shall also be familiar with the most common causes of personal injuries so that you have a clear picture of whether your case falls under that category or not, which will, in its turn, help you hire the most dedicated personal injury lawyer for you. Therefore, we have listed here six most common reasons for personal injury lawsuits so that you can save yourself from their undesired ramifications of being on either side of the suit.

  1. Car accidents

    Most of the personal injury cases revolve around car accidents as their rate is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Most of these accidents are caused by reckless drivers who fail to adhere to the traffic rules. Therefore, follow traffic rules to the minor details and drive a car with mandatory safety features so that you do not find yourself at the wrong end of a personal injury lawsuit. If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident and someone else was to blame, injury lawyer in Oklahoma City can help you get the compensation you deserve.

  2. Slip and fall accidents

    Slip and fall accidents are also one of the most common types of personal injuries. This type of injury is self-explanatory, employees can get injured at work after they fall from a dangerous height, or a customer can slip on a wet floor and sue the store owner for damages. Therefore, property owners and employers must understand that it is their responsibility to ensure that their property is safe from all hazards.

  3. Medical malpractice

    There is no doubt that medical sciences have advanced at an incredible rate, but new technologies have also brought in various challenges. As a result, medical malpractice lawsuits have been increasing at a rapid pace. Therefore, you must be cautious in the hospitals as any loophole in their practice can cause you severe injuries that you can compensate by filing a valid personal injury lawsuit. If you are considering filing civil litigation visit https://www.whitcomblawpc.com/practice-areas/civil-litigation-law for a better understanding about civil jury trials in federal courts and real life proceedings.

  4. Harassment

    Verbal and sexual harassment has unfortunately become quite common in public places, and as a result, courts are responding accordingly by punishing the harassers severely. Therefore, you must always stay away from passing sexual and racist comments or getting physical with people in public. Otherwise, you are making yourself liable to a harassment lawsuit, and most common of these harassments happen in the workplace.

  5. Assault and Battery

    Assault and Battery are different from other causes of personal injury lawsuits, as they involve injuring someone intentionally and therefore adds criminal charges against the perpetrator.

  6. Dog Bites

    It may come across a bit strange, but dog bites also constitute a considerable number of personal injury lawsuits. Owners of dogs are held responsible for the injuries caused by their dog, and the victims have every right to sue the dog owner to get compensation for the damages.

In a nutshell, be aware of your rights and the potential liabilities, especially in public places, so that you are always at the right end of a lawsuit.






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6 Most Common Causes of Personal Injury Lawsuits

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