6 Things That Can Cause Lower Back Pain In Women

6 Things That Can Cause Lower Back Pain In Women
6 Things That Can Cause Lower Back Pain In Women

6 Things That Can Cause Lower Back Pain In Women : When it comes to lower back pain, it’s not always the causes aren’t always the same for men and women. Some conditions and issues are unique to women that can cause them to have back pain. The good news is that lower back pain is almost always treatable for both men and women. That being the case, let’s take a look at what can cause lower back pain in a woman.

  1. Endometriosis

    Endometriosis is a condition unique to women because it involves the lining of the uterus. Specifically, it is when the lining of the uterus called the endometrial begins to grow outside of the uterus. As you might imagine, this is very painful, but there is more to it than that.

    The endometrial doesn’t just grow outside of the uterus randomly, it tends to grow on other nearby structures such as the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and other tissues in the pelvic region such as the bowels and urinary tract. In addition to back pain, this can lead to other forms of pain such as extra painful menstrual cramps, and pain during or after sex.

  2. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

    Speaking of the menstrual cycle, that alone can cause lower back pain in women. Contrary to popular belief, PMS tends to start a couple of days before a woman’s period and ends a couple of days after. During this time a woman can experience a wide variety of symptoms in addition to lower back pain such as headache, fatigue, and bloating.

    Fighting lower back pain during PMS can be done in a variety of ways. Common methods include anti-inflammatory medications, drinking plenty of water, and warm baths. Another form of back pain treatment that can be used is physiotherapy, aka physical therapy. This is because physiotherapy might lessen or eliminate the source of the pain.

  3. Premenstrual dysmorphic disorder (PMDD)

    PMS can be much worse for some women than others when it comes to lower back pain in a woman. This is known as a premenstrual dysmorphic disorder. PMDD is characterized by more extreme versions of the symptoms that are associated with PMS. This means that back pain experienced during PMDD would be worse, and interfere with a woman’s life to a greater degree.

    The time frame for PMDD is also a little different. Instead of starting a couple of days before a woman’s period, it will start about a week early. The time when it ends is about the same though, around two days after a woman’s period.

    PMDD is rarer than PMS but can be linked to a family history of depression. In any case, PMDD is serious when it comes to lower back pain in a woman and should be discussed with a doctor since it will likely need back pain treatment.

  4. Postmenopausal Compression Fractures

    When it comes to what can cause lower back pain in a woman, this one is a bit rarer, but still affects around 25% of women in their lifetime. Postmenopausal compression fractures are when a woman gets vertebral compression fractures in her spine because of menopause. The reason this happens is that hormonal changes that can decrease a woman’s bone density take place, and this can lead to osteoporosis.

    Basically PCF (postmenopausal compression fractures) cause VCFs (vertebral compression fractures). As you might imagine, VCFs can be a significant cause of lower back pain in a woman that suffers from them. Once again this is a condition that is best discussed with a doctor so that it can be treated as quickly as possible.

  5. SI Joint Dysfunction

    This is a bit rarer than some of the other causes for lower back pain in a woman but deserves mentioning since it can be tricky to diagnose. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is a condition in which the joints that connect the pelvis and the lower spine become inflamed. This can lead to pain in the lower back and even radiate down to the buttocks and legs.

    SI joint dysfunction can be caused by a variety of factors, which is why it is difficult to diagnose. These factors include pregnancy, arthritis, traumatic injury, and even joint infection. These can be serious issues in and of themself, making this a good example of what can cause lower back pain in a woman that may need additional treatment for the core problem.

  6. Piriformis Syndrome

    Piriformis syndrome is another example of what can cause lower back pain in a woman that is triggered by hormonal shifts, and changes in the pelvis that are caused by pregnancy. Piriformis syndrome is when the piriformis muscle in the buttocks causes compression or irritation to the sciatic nerve. This of course leads to back pain.

    In addition to back pain, Piriformis syndrome can also cause pain in the hip and buttocks area, as well as pain getting out of bed. Women who suffer from this condition may even find it difficult to sit for extended periods.

Treating Lower Back Pain in Women

Let’s wrap up this “what can cause lower back pain in a woman” list by discussing treatment options. While different causes of back pain may need different treatments, one solution that seems to work well for most forms of back pain in a woman is physiotherapy.

The reason physiotherapy may help ease back pain in women is the fact that it targets the muscles and joints. This allows it to possibly give a woman relief without the need for medications or surgery.

If you’re a woman suffering from lower back pain in the Singapore area, then finding a Physiotherapy Clinic in Singapore could be the first step to eliminating your back pain. The sooner you get treated, the sooner the pain might be lessened or eliminated.







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6 Things That Can Cause Lower Back Pain In Women

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