6 Top Tips For Healthier Feet

6 Top Tips For Healthier Feet : The feet are among the most neglected parts of the body. Although we all depend on our feet to move from one point to another, many people hardly take care of their feet until they have had close encounters. Like every other critical part of the body, your feet need proper loving and care to make walking and even engaging in many other physical activities easier.

Interestingly, caring for your feet isn’t a demanding task; hence rather simple and straightforward. It is also worth noting that foot health is crucial, especially for people with diabetes.

Podiatrists and other health experts recommend the tips outlined below to help keep your feet fit and healthy.

  1. Keep Your Feet Clean: Wear Clean and Dry Socks

    Make a habit of washing your feet with warm water every day. Too hot or cold water isn’t recommended as it could damage your skin or even affect its sensitivity. Be sure to use a gentle soap and a sponge or washcloth to thoroughly scrub the feet. Rinse them thoroughly and dry them using a soft towel.

    With the feet clean and dry, the next step would be to put on some clean, warm, and dry socks. The socks shouldn’t be too tight or restrictive in any way. Tight socks might impact blood flow, causing even more problems, particularly with diabetics and those with other underlying conditions. Good quality (preferably cotton) socks are considered the best as they help absorb excess moisture and sweat, keeping your feet warm and dry.

  2. Inspect Them Regularly

    Health experts and podiatrists recommend inspecting your feet regularly, especially when washing or putting on your socks. Look out for anything out of the ordinary, including small cuts, redness, cracked skin, and blisters. Use a hand mirror if unable to see the bottom of your feet. Contact your doctor immediately should you notice any of the signs mentioned above.

  3. Clip Your Toenails Regularly but Very Carefully

    It is important to keep your toenails short to prevent dirt and germs from accumulating. Although the nails need to be trimmed well, don’t trim them too close to the skin. Doing so only increases the chances of puncturing the skin or even causing soreness. Be sure to ask the attendant not to file too close to the skin if at a nail salon.

  4. Invest In Well-Fitting Shoes

    Always take your time when shopping for new shoes. It is best to stick to well-fitting shoes that are too tight or loose for a good reason. Visit OrthoticShop.com for a great range of shoes. Tight shoes will irritate and even cause blistering, making it harder to walk in them or even stay in them for extended periods. Physical therapists also recommend wearing the right shoes for the event, say sports-specific or orthotics.

  5. Keep Them Moisturized at Night

    Just like the skin, your feet ought to be kept well-hydrated throughout the day, especially at night. Moisturizing the feet, for example, is the best remedy for combating most issues, including cracking and itching. Health experts also advise against using lotion between your toes. Hydrating lotions can come in handy for this. Drinking lots of water is good for your foot health too.

  6. Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels

    According to research and data released by the National Institutes of Health, high blood sugar levels can damage the nerves, leading to loss of skin sensation. High blood sugar can also lead to reduced blood flow to the feet and other major organs; hence should be kept in check. If diabetic, it would be best to follow your doctor’s directions to check your blood sugar levels.

    Proper nutrition is crucial in keeping blood sugar levels in check, especially for those with type 2 diabetes. You don’t necessarily have to be diabetic to be concerned about high blood sugar and foot health. Sticking to a healthy diet plan can boost your health significantly.

These are but some of the ways you can keep your feet healthy and prevent myriad other chronic conditions, while also having attractive feet. Follow these tips and exercise regularly to get the most from your feet and other parts of the body.



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6 Top Tips For Healthier Feet

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