How to Keep Your Feet Healthy At All Times

How to Keep Your Feet Healthy At All Times : Your feet are the workhorses of your body. After all, an average person takes 5000 steps per day which means 2.5 miles. Your feet also carry the weight of your body, but we tend to care for them at the last moment during self-care. Cramming your feet in pointy pumps and wearing improper shoes also causes several feet problems.

If you want to stay healthy and on your feet, then you should follow The Feet People guide to keeping your feet healthy at all times.

Easy Ways to Treat Your Feet Right

According to statistics, 48% of Australians wake up with arch, heel, or foot pain every morning, and these are caused by the continuous stress we put on our feet and avoid foot hygiene. Here is how to keep your feet healthy and pain-free.

  1. Basic Care

    When it comes to healthy feet, you don’t need to put in too much effort. Just adhere to a cleaning routine, and your feet will be pain-free. For instance, just as you don’t leave the house without brushing your teeth, you shouldn’t go a day without brushing your feet. Moreover, treat your feet with warm water after you get home from work to relax your toes and heel. These are the two most important parts of your feet which keep your balance.

  2. Dry Your Feet

    Moreover, you should keep your feet dry at all times. Wet feet can cause severe nerve problems that lead to pain in the heel and toes. When your feet are wet, they absorb water which enters the tissue in your heel or damage internal nerves. Plus, wet feet are the major cause of corn and calluses, so keep your feet dry and wash them when you get home or take off your shoes.

  3. Wear the Right Size Shoe

    Many Australians have one foot larger than the other. If you are one of them, get larger shoes to have a looser fit. It’s okay to wear a slightly large shoe, but it’s harmful to wear a shoe of a smaller size. Your toes will bend inwards, and the pressure will apply to one area of your foot instead of dispersing. This leads to several foot problems that can be costly. So, spend some time hunting for the right shoes before you decide on buying one.

  4. Moisturise Your Feet At Night

    Like your face and your body, your feet need to be moisturised as well. Before going to sleep, you should apply liquid get or cream that prevents itching on your feet as this would protect your feet from cracking and arch pain. Moreover, moisturising your feet removes bacteria and germs collected throughout the day and prevents fungus formation.


Conditions like brittle bones, muscle atrophy, arthritis can develop internally and affect your feet if you don’t take care of them. Many podiatrists recommend scrubbing and cleaning your feet once a week to prevent fungus and bacterial infection. Moreover, taking care of your feet is the same as taking care of your entire body. After all, your feet power you through the day, and they need your utmost attention and care.





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How to Keep Your Feet Healthy At All Times

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