How to Recognize and Treat Ordinary Foot Disorders

How to Recognize and Treat Ordinary Foot Disorders : No one can deny the fact that feet are an important part of our body in everyday life, and as such they face a lot of wear and tear.

According to an estimate you will have walked 75000 miles by the age of 50.

Due to this it is obvious to expect several types of foot problems throughout your life.  To find out how to recognize and treat basic foot problems read the given information.

Common Foot Problems


A blister is a small pocket of fluid that raises on a small area of your feet. This painful condition can be caused because of long standing and walking, wearing unfit shoes, or having sweaty feet.

We can’t consider blisters as a dangerous disease in fact they can be treated at home. Blisters can be healed at home by applying bandage. You also can drain blister by yourself through protective ways like sterile equipment. If you have decided to drain a blister cover it with a bandage and antibiotic ointment as it heals.


When you noticed round circles of thickened skin on your toes it’s a corn. Corns are usually not painful. Unfitted shoes and hammer toe are the causes of corn on your feet.

Sometimes it become irritated and must be treated on time. Corn plasters are available to heal it and reduce the pressure over it. Sometimes doctor may advise a surgery to remove it.

Heel Spur

Heel spur occur because of a calcium deposit that grows between your heel and arch. Pain and inflammation may be symptoms of heel spur.

Give some rest to your feet observe your foot wear, and still if the pain is there consult your doctor.

Fungal Nail Infection

Basically our toenails can get fungal infection. But our feet fingers are also at risk of having fungal nail infection. This infection usually start from the extreme top of the nail and it spreads to the middle. The nail gets weaker and start ripping up. Moreover nail also changes its color.

We may feel swelling and pain in our skin near the affected part.

There are several ways that can cure a fungal nail. Some of the most important and easy ways of treatment can be as follows:

  • You can use antifungal nail cream. This cream can be used for 12 months with respect to the severity of the infection. But there is no surety that it will cure the infection completely.
  • We can also have nail softening cream. By applying this cream to the nail, it will become softer. You can use this cream for two weeks.


Hammertoe also known as mallet toe are common disorders of feet that cause an abnormal bend in the middle of the joint of toe. It is caused because of some muscular or tissue issues. There can be an abnormal in the muscle of feet that is caused because of high heels wearing.

You must be very careful while buying shoes for you. Always take show that is for in size and comfortable to you if you want your feet to prevent from hammertoe.

If the case is severe you may consult podiatrist New York they have best doctors.






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How to Recognize and Treat Ordinary Foot Disorders

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