6 Ways to Enhance Your Yoga Routine for Fall

6 Ways to Enhance Your Yoga Routine for Fall : Looking to take your yoga routine to the next level this Autumn? It’s a lot easier with these six creative tips and ideas:

6 Ways to Enhance Your Yoga Routine for Fall

Practice Outside

Move your routine yoga practice from inside your house to outside in the crisp air of autumn. Surrounded by the beautiful hues of the changing foliage as well as cooler weather, your yoga practice can only benefit from a visual and tactile connection to nature. Livestream instructional yoga videos on your portable device like a smartphone or tablet outside on your own or with a friend, or find an outdoor yoga class near you and sign up! And don’t stick to your yard either – practice yoga in gorgeous natural settings like the peak of summit, by a lake or waterfall, or in a beautiful fall forest.


Incorporate Aromatherapy

Scents and aromas have generated beneficial mental health benefits for centuries, and what better time to get your smell on than with relaxing and fortifying scents during fall yoga practice. Classic fall fragrances like vanilla and cinnamon have been shown to foster feelings of joy and positivity as well as boost memory, while pumpkin bears aphrodisiac properties (great for couples yoga!). Mist your yoga mat with a diluted essential you like, burn incense, or get a candle or aroma diffuser for your daily practice.


Eat Fall Superfoods

How you feel during and after yoga practice is based largely on the food you are putting inside your body. Fatty, salty, and sugary processed foods can cause you to retain water and toxins, and simply leave you feeling icky. Upgrading your daily diet with healthy superfoods from the fall harvest is a smart idea for your yoga practice (and your waistline!). Vitamin-rich fall staples include butternut and acorn squash, pears, apples, kale, cauliflower and broccoli, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, and pumpkins.


Try Yoga Straps and Props

Revolutionize your yoga practice this fall with straps and yoga props which can help improve your alignment, flexibility, balance, and stamina – check out the best yoga straps here. The extra stability yoga straps and props can provide may aid early beginners, while expert yogis can benefit from them when they practice more challenging poses. Everything from yoga blocks, to blankets, to straps can also help you tap your creative side and encourage you to try new yoga styles and poses you had not previously.


Take Yoga Where You Go

The meditative and mindfulness cultivating properties of yoga don’t need to stay on the mat once you have finished practice. As fall turns into the holiday season and the busyness of life seems to overtake you (shopping, traveling, family get-togethers, etc.), the core principles of yoga can help keep you grounded and mindful. Kindness, truthfulness, nonviolence, peace, and self-awareness can play an important role in stimulating positive emotional wellness during a season that so often leaves people feeling lonely or anxious.


Look for Variety

The myriad colors of fall, from orange to yellow, gold, red, and purple, reminds yogis of the bountiful variety life has to offer. With over 20 different styles of yoga practiced, fall might be the perfect time for you to try something new – a new class, a new instructor, a new way of practicing yoga. Yoga practice can be energizing or relaxing or restoring, the list goes on. Look for variety in your practice this season and discover something new about yourself in the process.

Discouraged by a fitness injury that has sidelined your yoga routine? Even if you are in an arm sling like one of these for shoulder pain, or a walking boot for a sprained ankle – yoga is still accessible to you. Chair yoga, restorative yoga, water yoga, the options are there. Don’t put your health and happiness on hold because your very recovery depends on it. Embrace fall and all it has to offer your routine yoga practice.


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6 Ways to Enhance Your Yoga Routine for Fall

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