6 Working Ways to Deal With Unromantic Relationships

6 Working Ways to Deal With Unromantic Relationships : Often, the daily hustle-bustle overpowers our emotions and we fail to show the emotions in our relationship. You realize that the spark and electricity have become almost non-existent with the passage of time.

“My partner isn’t romantic” is a very common complaint among couples. Some partners tend to forget important dates, anniversaries, birthdays and don’t try making any occasion memorable. But, one thing to remember is that romance isn’t the only aspect of a relationship that keeps it going. The relationship can still successfully be held together if the couple tries to address and tackle the issue together and not turn against each other. Remember, the goal is to fight against the problem and not with each other.

It’s still not late to spice things up between you and your partner. There are still several ways to turn this unromantic relationship into a beautiful, giving butterflies and holding hands kind relationship again.

So, if you are someone who is feeling unhappy because your partner isn’t “romantic”, you have arrived at the right place. Now, let’s dive into these 6 ways mentioned below to rekindle the love between you and your partner:

  1. Communicate your needs and wishes to your partner

    No matter how many times you have heard this, healthy communication still tops the list when it comes to resolving issues between you and your partner. Talk about how you wish things could be more romantic between you two, instead of entirely putting the blame of an unromantic relationship on your partner.

    Things might get blown out of proportion if you don’t communicate your feelings in an appropriate manner. According to research, 65% of the reason behind failed marriages was attributed to communication problems between the couple.

  2. Plan sex (and foreplay!)

    Intimacy can help you re-ignite the lost spark. Talk about what you plan to do in bed and your precious love-making sessions. You can always begin your special night with slow kisses and foreplay before the intercourse to romanticize things more.

    Let your partner feel that being romantic isn’t supposed to be performed like a responsibility, but instead with love and pleasure that comes from within. Don’t forget to use condoms for protection that suits you the best. Skyn non-latex condoms are one of the bests in the market providing all the sensitivity and comfort that you need.

  3. Go on dates (a lot of them!)

    Go out on dates and relive those “honeymoon” days. Slip into something sexy and make your partner’s jaw drop. Talk about the times when the love story between you two started budding.

    Also, try to talk and understand what made things change between you two. You may surprise your partner with a special date gift too!

  4. Go down the memory lane

    Nothing’s better than looking back in time and reminiscing on your own love story. Look at the photos of all those sweet moments you both had captured. Share hearty laughter over funny and embarrassing anecdotes of each other. This is bound to bring your both closer and make him/her remember all the reasons why he/she fell in love with you.

    Give your partner the time to understand and comprehend everything and soon enough, things will start getting better.

  5. Plan a short trip

    Plan a weekend trip, away from all the hustle-bustle and your busy lives. Plan things you both would love to do and explore together.

    Not only will a trip spice things up again, but you will also be creating new memories to look back upon. Enjoy each other’s company and try to stay away from your mobile phones and laptops.

  6. Watch romantic movies together

    Make dinner plans in your room and watch a romantic movie for the evening. Begin with tossing open a bottle of wine to add a touch of twist to your night.

    While you watch the movie, look into your partner’s eyes and say nice, romantic things. This is one of the moments where some sweet, romantic lines will make your partner go “aww” in love!


Problems are bound to come in every relationship. The real deal is to stick together and overcome them all. Try implementing all the tips mentioned above and give life to your newfound love story, once again!






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6 Working Ways to Deal With Unromantic Relationships

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