7 Anti-Aging Tips to Look Younger Than Your Age

7 Anti-Aging Tips to Look Younger Than Your Age : Eat this, don’t eat that, use this cream, and don’t use that. We understand the conflicting responses and advice the internet offers you regarding your skin. We all crave glowing skin, even as the aging process is inevitable.

When you notice fine lines and wrinkles, it may be time to visit a West New York Med Spa.

Reversing aging effects on your skin is an involving process that med spa aesthetic care providers guarantee. The center offers patient-centered skincare procedures with a holistic approach to restore a youthful appearance.

It is no secret that aging is inevitable; here are some tips to help you look younger than your age.

  1. Limit exposure to the sun

    The sun is not your friend. Stay away from the sun, especially after morning hours. The sun’s harmful rays cause elastin breakdown in your skin and impart flabby skin, which is the bedrock for fine wrinkles. In extreme cases, sun rays spark the growth of cancerous cells in your skin. Avoid long hours in the sun or wear sunscreen if you necessarily have to be in the sun.

  2. Get a Botox treatment

    Botox treatments are revolutionary. Botox injections tighten your skin while smoothing out wrinkles. The injectable relaxes tense muscles to prevent imprint of repetitive facial expressions. Botox benefits transcend aesthetic purposes and cure chronic migraines. We recommend The Doctor’s House for all your Botox needs.

  3. Hydrate

    Apart from constantly peeing, there is no downside to drinking plenty of water. Water is a natural antioxidant. Staying hydrated imparts the dewy glow that you desire. You can tweak your hydrating routine by incorporating succulent foods to provide essential nutrients to your body while staying hydrated.

  4. Zhuzh up your skin

    Pristine makeup makes your face glow and leaves jaws dropping on the streets. Sprucing up your skin is a significant way to conceal fine lines and scars. However, use FDA-approved makeup only. Heavy makeup clogs your pores which is detrimental in the long term. Apply a primer before adding additional layers of makeup.

  5. Get dermal fillers for your skin

    Dermal fillers are the best remedy to sunken holes and gnarly wrinkles. Dermal fillers contain a natural component of the skin and gently interact with the skin cells. If you opt for dermal fillers, then The Doctor’s House is your center of choice. Dermal fillers have long-lasting results compared to similar skin rejuvenation techniques.

  6. Get some zzz

    Get the proverbial beauty sleep. Sleep is therapeutic and relaxes tension around facial muscles. You should get at least six hours of sleep. However, you should get quality sleep to restore hormonal balance and improve general body metabolism. Get soft beddings to better your sleep. Glowing skin while sleeping? Yes, please.

  7. Cut back on sugar and caffeine

    We all love a latte in the morning. While coffee activates your senses, too much can wreak havoc on your skin. Excessive sugar and caffeine content lower collagen and elastin production. Limited collagen in your body makes your skin less supple and shows the effects of aging more clearly.


Skincare trickles down to subtle habits and everyday lifestyles. If you want to restore a youthful appearance, schedule a visit at The Doctor’s House Family Medicine & Aesthetic Medical Spa located in West New York, NJ, and regain the lost youthful glow.





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7 Anti-Aging Tips to Look Younger Than Your Age

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