How to Stay Hydrated During Winter

How to Stay Hydrated During Winter
How to Stay Hydrated During Winter

How to Stay Hydrated During Winter : As winters are here, it is important to stay hydrated during winter as equally as in summers. If you are among the people who link dehydration with summer, then you are not right! In reality, harsh winters can make your body dehydrated and leave your skin parched.

Dehydration occurs when there is a limitation of fluids in your body. There may be a doubt in many minds that “Does Eating Ice Dehydrate You?”, the answer is – this is not true, rather ice melts and adds water to your body. But in winter, it is not recommended to eat ice as it is already cold outside.

It is normal that your thrust diminishes during winters, still to stay hydrated during winters is very important. We have discussed the best tips in this blog that can help you to rehydrate your body during winters. You will also know why you should avoid more consumption of caffeinated drinks like energy drinks during winter. The further question may arise in the mind of gym goers that “Is Pre Workout Better Than Energy Drinks?”

Best tips to keep your body hydrated

“People just don’t feel as thirsty when the weather is cold. When they don’t feel thirsty, they don’t drink as much, and this can cause dehydration.” Robert Kenefick, the University of New Hampshire points out. Dehydration remains unrecognized during winters and you rarely notice the amount of fluid lost under the layers of winter clothing. Additionally, the dry air may further cause quick dehydration beyond your imagination. If these all remain unnoticed, your body may get dehydrated quickly. It is very important to consume a diet that hydrates your body but at the same time it should also be kept in mind that “What to Eat to Get Stamina?” if you are a bodybuilding lover.

A man body needs around 125 ounces of fluid a day and a woman body needs around 90 ounces of fluid a day. Do you know, insufficient water may cause fatigue, headaches, muscle cramps, and even dizziness. We are going to discuss some best tips to keep your body hydrated.

Set Reminder to Achieve Water Drinking Goal

Drink water at regular times and make a proper plan for how to fulfill your daily water requirement. You can set a reminder on your mobile phones as there are many apps that provide such facilities. Make a habit of keeping a water bottle with you whether it is summer or it is winter.

You Need More Fluid Intake after Your Workout

Remember, after a workout, it is important to drink more water, as body fluid losses to a great extent in the form of sweat. During your workout, half a cup of water after every 15 minutes is recommended to keep your body hydrated. The more intensely you work out, the more hydration you need.

Try Something Healthy and Juicy!

To meet your daily fluid requirements, you should eat fruits and vegetables. This is the best idea that will help you keep your body healthy too. Orange, strawberries, carrot, apple, guava, tomatoes, cucumber and grapes are great choices.

Why Not Try Something Hot?

As it is cold outside in winter, you can go for warm beverages like herbal tea, or decaffeinated hot tea. Soups and broths are further great choices as these are healthy also.

Say No to Diuretics!

Diuretics are the one that increases the urine flow, thus loss of water from your body. Make sure you do not include caffeinated drinks like energy drinks or alcohol in your water drinking plan, as these are diuretics and makes you pee more frequent.


It is important to stay hydrated during winter as dehydration is as common in this season as in summers. During winters, you don’t feel thrust very commonly as it is cold outside. After reading this blog, now you should be aware of winter dehydration and the things that you can adopt to stay hydrated and have healthy winters.






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How to Stay Hydrated During Winter

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