10 Common Misconceptions About Wearing Wigs

10 Common Misconceptions About Wearing Wigs : Wigs have been around for a very long time. From different periods of time, they have played different roles in society. With that in mind and as the hair industry has continued to improve on wigs, there have been mixed views on wigs.

Unfortunately, wigs have a bit of a bad reputation that can deter a first time wearer from getting a wig even if they want one. If you do not know much about wigs it can be an overwhelming journey as you navigate what is true or false about wigs. Luvmehair provides the highest quality hair products in the industry while guaranteeing professional and informer experts assistance for a pampering online shopping experience. We want to debunk any false information when it comes to wig wearing so you can confidently risk your wig.

  1. Your Wig Will Fall Off

    We have all seen wigs being the punchline of jokes where a wig falls off unexpectedly. This is one of the biggest fears women have when it comes to wearing a wig in public. The thought of the wind blowing your wig away, or furniture clinging to the hair and exposing your hair underneath is horrifying. You do not have to worry about that . With the advancement in wig technology today, wigs are constructed to be sturdy and stay in place. It is important to invest in a good wig.

    Why Luvmehair? Our high-quality human hair is created to stay in place when fitted properly. Go for adjustable wigs that can tighten or loosen the straps. At Luvmehair our wigs allow you to enjoy wearing your wigs confidently with the absurdity they will stay in place whether you choose a glueless lace front wig on or you opt to use wig glue to secure your wig in place. However, it is vital to know how to put lace front wig on to ensure it stays in place all day.

  2. Wigs Will Irritate And Damage Your Scalp

    Wigs are harmless. They should be safe and comfortable to wear for long periods. Despite this, when it comes to wigs, it is always important to ascertain purchasing from a reliable vendor. Many fraudulent sellers can sell low-quality wigs that might irritate the scalp. Wearing the wig too tightly can cause irritation to the scalp. Make sure you know how to put lace front wig properly. If you suffer or have a scalp condition make use of a medical wig cap.

  3. Wigs Are Heavy

    Many women fear wearing a wig will feel heavy and exhausting like you are putting on a helmet. High-quality human hair should feel light. Wig construction has come a long way. Whether you choose to wear a pixie cut, 14 inches, or 25 inches the wig should feel light. At Luvmehair our lace wigs are popular due to that lightweight factor.

  4. You Should Not Wear A Wig Daily

    Not at all. Wigs are designed to fit into your day to day normal activities. You should be able to wear your wig for long periods comfortably.  However, it is advisable to take care of the wig, your hair, and your scalp regularly. Clean and condition to be comfortable wearing the wig daily. Additionally, let your hair breathe once in a while and if possible take off your wig when you sleep at night. Knowing how to put on lace front wig on is ideal as it will allow you to take the wig off at night.

  5. Wigs Are Too Expensive

    Just like any product out in the market, there is a high cost difference when it comes to the price of wigs. You can get a wig for as low as $30 and others go for as high as $2000. An average wig costs an average of $250. So much goes into creating a great wig. Custom wigs cost more than ready to wear wigs as they are made to the specifications of an individual. At Luvmehair our wigs are well priced to guarantee we can cater to all women. We also have wigs that cost under $100 so that anyone can afford a high-quality wig.

  6. Wigs Are Hot and Sweaty

    Depending on the quality of your wig, it should be comfortable even in hot weather. Luvmehair lace wigs are made from a lace mesh fabric with many tiny holes that provides circulation. If you are worried about sweat, a wig cap is great for preventing sweat build-up.

  7. You Need A Wig Expertly Wear Your Wigs

    If you don’t know how to put lace front wig on, you could contact with luvmehair and get some advice. There are plenty of tutorials on how to put lace front wig on that will take you minutes. Wearing a wig is something you can do yourself at home. Takes a bit of practice but it is very easy and convenient once you know how.

  8. Wearing A Wig Is Not Great For Your Hair.

    Contrary to this false misconception, wigs are popular when it comes to aiding in hair growth. Wigs are a great protective style for taking a break from styling your own hair or touching your hair. Wigs allow you to experiment with different styles, heat, and colors whilst keeping your hair protected. A lot of women see their hair even grow longer and thicker thanks to the use of wigs.  If your hair is experiencing damage, wigs are a great way to help the hair recuperate.

  9. Everyone Will Know I Have A Wig On

    High-quality human hair wigs virtually look natural. If well-styled, maintained, and knowing how to put lace front wig on will guarantee that seamless look and the hair will look like it is growing out of your own scalp.

  10. I Need Multiple Wigs For Different Styles

    Well constructed human hair wigs are extremely versatile. They can be heat styled and even colored and cut to your preferred style. You can style a human hair wig just as you would your own hair.

The wig journey is a pleasant experience that one should enjoy. We hope we have been able to debunk false misconceptions when it comes to owning a wig.






10 Common Misconceptions About Wearing Wigs



10 Common Misconceptions About Wearing Wigs

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