7 Exercises You Can Do While Playing Video Games

7 Exercises You Can Do While Playing Video Games : A sound body and an equally sound mind is of great importance, especially when you are trying to have a balanced lifestyle. However, it is easier said than done when it comes to maintaining both mind and body as gamers. This is one of the reasons why it is suggested to gamers across the globe to supplement their gaming routine with plenty of physical activities.

It’s very much possible to burn those extra pounds and build body muscle while keeping gym at bay. There are tons of exercises you can do at the comfort of your home without neglecting your passionate love for geek hobbies. Of course you won’t get a macho man body but then there’s always a start to everything. There is nothing that can stop you from pursuing your fitness goals. So after every intense gaming session, make sure that you get up and stretch your body – from your wrists to your legs.  Here are 7 exercises that you can do while playing your favorite video games.

Seated Scissors

Almost every exercise requires a super straight back, a sitting position and an engaged core. Make sure there are no curves in the back otherwise all your efforts will go in vain. Once you are in that position, stretch your legs completely. Then open and close your legs on and off, just like we do it with a pair of scissors. This exercise may take huge effort and requires a lot of stamina because you need to make sure that you maintain your body posture properly. So whenever your game is loading or there is a cutscene, do this exercise and repeat twice at least.

Controller Figure Eights

Usually this exercise is done with a pillow in both hands, however a wireless gamepad or a DualShock can do wonders too. Sit with a straight posture and stretch your arms in front of you, holding the wireless gamepad or controller the way you typically hold. Then raise your legs straight and circle the DualShock or controller in a way as if you are making the figure 8 in the air, with the points of the eight at each of your hips. This particular exercise has the ability to test your core in a very rigorous and intense way, so you may find it difficult to keep doing it for a long time. If you feel pain in your back area, take a break and continue later.

Zombies, Run

Yes, you very well know that you can’t be playing any game under the sun; however, there are some developers that give a twist to their smartphone games in highly interesting ways. Zombies, Run is one of them. This game challenges you through different missions and uses your device’s accelerometer to track paces and to initiate zombie chases. If this game is in your gaming list, then there is nothing that can stop you from shedding some extra pounds. With more than a million downloads so far, Zombies, Run is definitely worth a try.

Wall Sit

With little adjustment in your sitting position while playing your favorite video games, you can engage those hidden muscles that you probably weren’t aware of before. Leave the couch and get on your toes. Press your posterior flat against your sitting room wall with your legs parallel to the floor, feet at least shoulder width apart and knees over your ankles. This is a vigorous workout so do not stretch it for more than a minute; don’t repeat it either. The best part about this exercise is you will be so deeply involved that focusing on your game will contribute to some tension in your muscles.

Arm Extensions

Arm extensions is another useful exercise that you can incorporate to your gaming routine, especially if the game isn’t really frantic and intense. After you’re done playing Fortnite or any of the FIFA 2019 matches, leave whatever you are doing and let your hands hang at your knees for a while. Then raise your hands near your shoulders and make a position similar to the letter T. Let it be in that position for a while then put them down on your sides. Repeat the same in reverse position and continue doing so until you feel stress and strain in your muscles.

Stationary Bicycling

If you reside in a spacious apartment, then pedaling a sturdy stationary bicycle is another good exercise to burn excess fat and lose those extra pounds while your gaming session is on. Place this stationary bicycle right in front of your TV screen or where your battle station is. Put on the game of your choice – which is both exciting and fast-paced such as Dynasty Warriors – and pedal your feet to race up your heart. Make a firm commitment to yourself that whenever you play e sports or Free Casinos (bez depozytu) at home, you will be pedaling the bike or performing some other exercise.


Squats are one of the best exercises when it comes to engaging cores and giving a full body workout to yourself. The best part about squat is you can still keep your gaze on the TV screen. Moreover, this exercise is really good for your neck, provided you keep it straight. Begin this exercise with a standing position, then bend down to a squat position with your knees resting on your ankles and your butt back. Make sure to keep your back as straight as you can. Then bend forward a bit with your arms completely stretched. When you are doing squats, pay close attention to your knees; if you feel a strain, give your knees some time to rest.

So these were some very basic and easy workouts or exercises that you can do while playing your video games and that too in the comfort of your home without professional equipment. Pursuing your love for the online video games does not mean that you remain glued to your sofa, you can still be smart and fit!





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7 Exercises You Can Do While Playing Video Games

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