7 Ideal Plants To Grow At Home

7 Ideal Plants To Grow At Home : If you’re looking for useful information about the best plants you can grow at home, you might find this read helpful! Growing plants at home is not just about the hobby or following the trend. There is more to it than that. It helps you lessen your stress, supports your emotional health, and increases your overall productivity.

With that said, it would be ideal if you choose the best plants that align your taste and preference so that you will feel delighted and happy. If you want to know more about some of the best plants, listed below are seven kinds of ideal plants to grow at home.


One of the best plants you can grow at home is the coreopsis plant, known for its beauty. Coreopsis plant is also known as the “tickseed,” although “the common name of “tickseed” belies its beauty“, because this plant is just simply gorgeous and beautiful.

Several kinds of coreopsis exist, and they have different colors with beautiful hues. Some types of coreopsis plants are called Enchanted Eve, Desert Coral, Jive, Jethro Tull, Limerock Passion, Ladybird, Golden Showers, Moonbeam, etc.

There are lots of coreopsis varieties out there that are beautiful in their way. With that said, if you want to make your garden more colorful, then adding some different kinds of coreopsis plants that have different colors may elevate the mood of your garden, making it more lively and captivating. In doing so, you may attract some butterflies and bees, which may help in your plants’ overall nutrition.

Calathea Rufibarba

While the Calathea Rufibarba green care is an easy plant to care it is a bit fussy when providing the proper nutrition. The Beauty of calathea plant is this tropical plant is the underside of the leaves that is fuzzy with hair giving it the nickname fuzzy or furry feather.

While the Calathea Rufibarba green care is an easy plant to care it is a bit fussy when providing the proper nutrition. In addition, bringing the plant home is hard to inspect for pests, as the furry foliage is dense.

We recommend you keep it away from other plants in your home for at least two weeks. If you find your tropical beauty has some unhealthy leaves give it trim as environmental changes can stress it out.

Monstera Deliciosa

Another kind of ideal plant for your house is the monstera deliciosa. Monstera deliciosa is a tropical plant that originates from the family of Araceae. Its name comes from two Latin words, monstera, which means monster because of its huge leaves, and delicious, which means delicious because it grows a delicious fruit.

Having a monstera plant makes your home enticing because of its large and unique leaves. It is also helpful in purifying the air at home, providing a healthier breeze to breathe. Also, monstera is a low-maintenance plant. It only needs a big area with garden soil and does not need to be watered regularly.


The dracaena plant is also another ideal plant to grow at home. This type of plant is low maintenance and can be placed anywhere, both outdoors and indoors. This plant only needs a simple amount of care and does not need regular watering.

The dracaena typically grows at about 3 ft in height which provides an attractive appearance, not to mention its beautiful “tree-like” presence. It is also commonly seen in some establishments and offices because it can purify the surrounding air, providing cleaner air to breathe.

Rubber Tree

Another ideal plant you can have is the rubber tree. Its name, the rubber tree, is derived from its natural enzyme, used to make rubber. Its beautifully shiny leaf makes it a fabulous decor inside establishments and homes. It also comes in different varieties that have different colors, making it ideal for your home.

When growing a rubber tree, the most important thing is it just needs the right balance of two elements—a fair amount of sunlight and water. One indication to remember when they need these two is that their leaves start to drop lower.


Another ideal plant to grow in your home is the pothos plant. Pothos plants have heart-shaped leaves, which are great for home decorations. Taking care of this plant only takes little effort because it doesn’t need regular watering. If you place this plant indoors, it only needs the right amount of light and does not prefer direct sunlight.

They still need the right amount of light because pothos plants may lose their leaf patterns if not enough light is acquired. Also, it can survive in ordinary potting soil, which has a well-draining system.

Jade Plant

The jade plant can also be an ideal plant for your home. Jades plants are succulents and need the right amount of watering. Having jade plants will enhance the air quality at home and is an optimal plant for increasing your environment’s humidity.

Jade plants need a fair amount of sunlight to bloom because they might grow undersized and unhealthy if they do not get enough light. Also, jade plants need fertilization using soluble water fertilizer to make them bloom to their best potential.


The aglaonema plant or often called “Chinese evergreen,” is an ideal plant for decoration. Its shiny oval leaves, which are big and narrow, catch the attention of watchers. Aglaonema plants usually grow in the summer or spring and are known as gardeners’ favorite house plants.

The aglaonema plant may take some time to grow to its full potential. However, the wait is always worth it because it can bloom into a very enticing and beautiful plant.

The Chinese evergreen only needs a simple amount of care. Some dark-colored varieties do not need too much light, while other types need good sunlight. It can just thrive in well-drained potting soil and only needs enough water for moisture.


The different kinds of plants mentioned above are ideal and beautiful plants that you can grow at home. Just make sure that you choose the plants that fit your taste and preference so that your gardening experience is filled with delight and happiness.






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7 Ideal Plants To Grow At Home

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