7 Key Elements To Sustain Weight Loss

7 Key Elements To Sustain Weight Loss : If you are overweight, it is sure that you are untimely going to invite several diseases like hypertension, type 2 diabetes and heartaches. For a long, people are trying to adopt many measures like modifying their diets, undertaking strenuous exercises etc to balance their weight according to their age or working conditions.

To make this process more scientific, there is also going research and experiments in many areas. If we go through their findings, we can conclude, the following elements are prominent among them:

  1. Fixing reasonable targets for weight loss

    If you plan to reduce your weight, you must not opt for “Quick Results Schemes” which may promise speedy weight loss by putting up various diet and exercise plans. They may have a title like “Loss 15 Pounds in Two weeks Only” or “Get Slim by Week End”.  It may be possible that if you opt for such a program, you may get considerable weight loss in the first one or two weeks. But it will bounce back or may cause hypertension or headaches due to the earlier schedule of meal intake being disturbed.

  2. You should get a diet plan according to your needs.

    Some experts design diet plans uniformly for all persons without taking into account their individual needs. Those who undertake physical work in their employment need heavy meals than those who work in offices or have sitting or brain work. They both have different patterns of calorie consumption rates. If you like only vegetable foods, you may ask an expert to avoid non-veg products. You may have intermittent fasting also to cleanse your eating and digesting machinery. It can increase your patience. For proper weight loss, you must not starve but enjoy the foods you like most but in a limited quantity sufficient enough to generate the calories you require minimally. You can find helpful resources on Connected Health according to your needs and priorities. You can have access to many online resources for your own physical and mental health and wellbeing.

  3. Don’t ignore your favourite foods.

    For a diet plan to be designed for weight loss, your expert may ask to have your food preferences. When you give the details, you should keep room for your favourite items too. This will help you to quench your hunger more comfortably while maintaining the diet plan scientifically designed. For example, you like to have a cup of ice cream daily after meals at night. You can reduce this quantity to half a cup and enhance your physical exercise to burn the calorie you get.

  4. You must change your eating and activities appropriately.

    You must focus on changing your eating and activities. Increasing your physical activities only will not solve the problem. You must change your eating pattern also. Instead of taking two times heavy meals, you may take small meals with shorter gaps. Similarly, you must undertake some exercise daily to digest whatever you eat the whole day. It will help you to avoid regaining weight reduced with a lesser quantity of meals.

  5.  Eat seasonal and nutritive foods

    You must prefer seasonal vegetables and other eatables afresh, in place of packaged meals. The foods you take must be nutritive to meet your requirement of the calories you should have in a day according to your working pattern.

  6. Monitoring your weight.

    To have the desired weight loss you must maintain track of your weight at regular intervals. And if the changes are not consistent, you must reconsider your exercise program and eating habits and introduce alternatives for achieving the targets effectively.

  7. Weight loss program to be split into short-term and long terms.

    After fixing the target of weight loss, you must split the same into short-term and long-term targets. As you achieve the short-term target, you can repeat it for the next spell. If not, you can consider revising your target. It will ascertain your accountability towards your targets. Sometimes, you can find some challenges which may be reconsidered in the next steps.

Though there can not be any perfect diet schedule to be applicable for everyone in the same method, you can still find any one of the plans you are offered. But you must adjust the same as per your lifestyle. You must keep a record of every activity, the period undertaken and meals taken.

If you consider the above mentioned 7 key elements, it will help you to achieve your target of weight loss swiftly.



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7 Key Elements To Sustain Weight Loss

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