7 Killer Tips To Make Your Kiss Unforgettable

7 Killer Tips To Make Your Kiss Unforgettable : One of the most pivotal aspects that pave the way for physical intimacy in a relationship is kissing. It is not only a leeway for a great sex life, but it also shows your man how much you care for him. Unfortunately, many people mess up their kiss out of nervousness or hastiness or for some other reason.

However, you need to remember that kissing is not rocket science. With a few generous tips, you can hone your skills of kissing to keep your man coming back for more.

7 Important Tips to make your liplock special

Ladies, get yourself ready because we are going to dish out some handy tips to make your kiss sensual and memorable. The following tips have been curated after researching the various dating sites for women to make them more pleasurable.

Beforehand Preparations

Girls, you must always stay ready when you are going on your date because you never know when that special moment will arise.

The secret lies in doing some prep work beforehand. These are nothing fancy, but simple, healthy habits. To start off, pay attention to your teeth and breath because bad breath is such a turn-off. So, brush your teeth before you head out and use a non-alcoholic mouthwash to get rid of the foul smell. Keep your tongue clean as well since an unclean tongue is the main reason for bad breath.

In addition, make sure your lips are smooth and soft. To do that, apply a lip balm before your put on your lipstick. Moisturizing your lips is the key here. It is also advised to keep a mouth freshener in the form of a spray or mints in your purse.

Also, make sure that you don’t have any lipstick stains or any food particles left in your teeth. So, every now and then try to clean your teeth with your tongue.

Don’t be Afraid to Showcase Your Desire

Don't be Afraid to Showcase Your Desire
Don’t be Afraid to Showcase Your Desire

You don’t have to always go the traditional route and wait for the man to kiss you.  If you like your date and want to establish a connection, simply go for it. However, be sure to read the room beforehand by ensuring that he is also interested in you.

If you are already in a relationship with the guy, then just take the initiative from time to time. It will help in keeping it spicy.

So, what you basically need to do here is to throw subtle hints to your man. While talking to him, look into his lips and then lean onto him. Slow down your talking and slightly bite your lips. All these will help in building the mood and will make him more excited.

Build Up Your Speed Steadily

Remember, kissing is not a food-eating competition that you have to finish it the fastest. You have got to build it slowly by gently massaging his lips with your lips. Meanwhile, run your fingers through his neck and stroke his hair. These small little details will help in releasing the sexual hormones vasopressin and oxytocin in your man, and you will end up becoming irresistible to him. It is better to start with the bottom lip, and then move to the top lip.

You may also hold his hands and play with the buttons of his shirt to keep the excitement going. The main idea is to draw him into you.


People with less experience often make a rookie mistake of keeping their heads straight while kissing. Well, that’s just plain uncomfortable and not how human heads are built to function while kissing.

So, tilt your head to one side when you lock lips with your partner and go with the groove of the moment. Feel free to shift to the other side with time.

You don’t have to do Everything

Don’t feel pressurized to do everything! It is not your sole job to facilitate the entire kissing process. It’s a partnership. Once you initiate the kiss, let him take charge and appreciate you through his kissing.

Just ease into the moment and get kissed by your partner. Let your lips get pampered by his lips. Allow him to pleasure you, soothe you and comfort you.

Pay Attention to Other Areas

Kissing a new date
Kissing a new date

When you are locking lips with your man, you need to pay attention to other sensitive areas of his face as well. Therefore, in between kissing, just move away and kiss his nose, earlobes, cheeks, and chin, and also his neck. Besides, you can gently bite your man’s lips as well. Now, be careful, you don’t have to hurt him; you just have to excite him.

If your relationship is really intense, then kiss on his forehead and his closed eyelids. Kissing on these two specific areas signifies a deep bond of trust. Therefore, we advise you to do this only with a steady partner. Kissing a new date on these areas might freak him out.

The Art of French Kiss

A common subject of interest for men and women is the art of perfect French kiss. Well, we all fantasize about it. But, few are acquainted with the skill to pull it off.

To do this, start with gently stroking your lips with his lips. Gradually, open your mouth and let your tongue touch his lips first. After that, roll your tongue over his tongue and suck him in. This is the most passionate version of the kiss and you should get into it right before you want to have sex. Of course, hygiene is extremely important. Therefore, ensure that you are well-hydrated since French kiss involves saliva.


A kiss is more than two lips touching; it opens the gateway for connecting your soul and heart to your man. Besides, it is usually the first step that leads to intimacy. So, make sure you commit yourself completely when you are kissing your man. At the same time, don’t force yourself to kiss someone if you don’t want to. The kiss will come naturally at the right moment; and when the moment comes, just ease into it and enjoy the pleasure and connection with your man. When you feel that tingling sensation in your stomach while looking at your date, you have to understand that it’s the time.






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7 Killer Tips To Make Your Kiss Unforgettable

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