7 Must-Visit Golf Courses in Thailand

7 Must-Visit Golf Courses in Thailand
7 Must-Visit Golf Courses in Thailand

7 Must-Visit Golf Courses in Thailand : For many travelers, local and foreign, Thailand is all about culture. Popular activities across the country include riding tuk tuks, visiting temples, watching live muay thai matches, shopping at floating markets, and partying in style.

More than these, however, Thailand also has a rich golfing heritage. It may come as a surprise to some, but thousands of golfers from all over the world visit Thailand to play. In fact, quite a few prestigious international tournaments have already been held in the country.

If you’re ready to delve into this country’s colorful golfing scene, here are some of the must-visit golf courses in Thailand.

Black Mountain Golf Club

Located on a mountain valley, Black Mountain Golf Club is one of the most beautiful golf courses you can visit in Thailand. In fact, despite beginning operations only in 2007, Black Mountain has already received a number of awards. This includes the Best Golf Course in Asia in 2016, awarded bythe Asian Golf Awards.

Aside from the bright green course, you’ll also be treated to live sightings of wildlife at Black Mountain. You may even see some animals strolling with you on the fairways. If you’re not much of a golfer, you can still enjoy the luxurious amenities of Black Mountain. There are multiple tennis courts, a spa, and even a water park. There’s also miniature golf for those who want to practice putting.

Kantarat Golf Course

Kantarat Golf Course is one of the most unique and bizarre golf courses in Thailand, maybe even the world. Why? That’s because this Royal Thai Air Force golf course is located in between Don Mueang Airport’s runways. What’s more, the course is not separated from the runways. This means you have to stop playing when there are planes landing and taking off.

Kantarat Golf Course is certainly not made for tournament-quality golfing, but it does make for a truly memorable experience. Why not book a trip to Don Mueang District one of these days and take a swing or two? Check into one of the many hotels near Don Mueang Airport (โรงแรมใกล้สนามบินดอนเมือง) for quicker access to the airport.

Alpine Golf Club

Alpine Golf Club is, surprisingly, in the middle of bustling Bangkok. With hand-picked trees, refined high-grade sand, and carefully landscaped scenery, you won’t even feel like you’re in the middle of a busy metropolis. Alpine Golf Club was built on a sprawling 770-rai flat and open land, designed by world-renowned architect Ron M. Garl.

Today, the only man-made championship golf course in Thailand has hosted several international tournaments on its 72-par layout. After an intense game, you can take advantage of the club’s in-house sauna and jacuzzi to relax your body.

Red Mountain

When people hear or think about Phuket, they imagine beautiful beaches, grandiose temples, and a heart-pumping nightlife. However, golfers head to Phuket for another reason: Red Mountain. This golf course is undoubtedly beautiful, but it’s also quite challenging to play in. There are plenty of holes that need delicate, accurate swings, and the terrain has plenty of bends that can prove to be difficult even for long-time players.

Banyan Resort and Golf Club

Located in Hua Hin, Banyan Resort and Golf Club is as picture-perfect as it can get. It’s a very playable 18-hole course, with strategically placed water and sand traps to keep things interesting. What’s more, the panoramic views of the neighboring island is simply majestic. If you’re not here to golf, then you can enjoy the resort with its gorgeous pools and luxurious accommodations. There are also 5-star dining options, a spa for relaxation, and a fitness center.

Laem Chabang International Country Club

Laem Chabang International Country Club offers top-notch golfing experience with its challenging course coupled with a breathtaking landscape. This impeccably kept golf course has also been host to various international tournaments. Each of the three 9-hole loops provide its own uniquely stunning vistas, and you might even stop to appreciate the landscape for longer than you play a game.

If you don’t golf or if you want to cool down after a game, you can take a dip in the club’s in-house swimming pool. There are also rooms at the Golf Lodge Hotel for those who want to stay overnight.

Blue Canyon Country Club

In 1988, architect Yoshikazu Kato transformed an abandoned mine surrounded by rubber plantations into a spectacular country club. Blue Canyon Country Club is now one of the most popular and most challenging in Thailand. This masterpiece is built to accommodate the naturally existing landscape, creating traps and hazards that can prove to be tricky even for seasoned golfers.

Blue Canyon Country Club’s Canyon Course is particularly historic. It’s the site where Tiger Woods beat Ernie Els and won the 1998 Johnnie Walker Classic. This fact alone warrants the country club a visit!


Are you ready to swing your golf clubs? Do you want to enjoy a weekend with gorgeous views? Head on over to these golf courses in Thailand, and have the time of your life!




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7 Must-Visit Golf Courses in Thailand

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