7 Reasons One Should Use Reusable Grocery Bags

7 Reasons One Should Use Reusable Grocery Bags : While leaving a grocery store, do you remember the most common question asked by the attendee? Yes, they ask whether paper or plastic? Your answer might be according to your own personal reasons, but your reason might not be suitable for the environment and beings living over it. Those paper bags and plastic retail shopping bags are something that is completely wrong and can never be right till the time there is an alternative to this, that is, reusable bags.

Don’t you think it makes sense to carry that one cloth bag every time you go out shopping? Not only does it make the environment safe but also keeps your lives and house safe from these not so safe items. In case you aren’t still convinced and still wish to know the reasons one should use reusable grocery bags instead of those plastic or paper bags, continue reading this blog, and you will surely understand.

Reasons One Should Use Reusable Grocery Bags

  1. Decrease Pollution:

    From a kid in five to a man in fifty, everyone is aware of the fact that the use of plastic can be devastating for the beautiful environment. Those plastic products like plastic bags take somewhere in between fifteen to thousand years to break down, which means they make up to the landfills instead of winding up in the water. Avoiding plastic is undoubtedly a great initiative to combat pollution.

  2. Conserve Resources:

    Though you might think it’s just a plastic bag which you might throw here and there, I must tell you it’s expensive and time taking to produce the same. From the energy it requires to that twelve million barrels of oil used to manufacture these plastics; it is said that one can drive miles in the same amount of gasoline.

  3. Protect Wildlife:

    Do you think it only affects the beings and species on land? Ask those living in the waste. It is estimated that around a lakh of marine animal deaths are caused due to animals eating plastic bags suspecting it to be their food—less of plastic production which helps in saving more of the environment and the species living.

  4. Save Money:

    Don’t just think about you paying ten bucks for a plastic bag, think about million paying the same every day for something which is not even safe for the environment and nor for the pocket. You can not only save endlessly by boycotting plastic but also save millions by doing so.

  5. Strength and Durability:

    Think practically, are a handful of plastic bags better than a strong reusable cloth bag? Obviously one durable and easy to carry reusable cloth bag is much more convenient. Not only is it able to hold heavy groceries but also avoid leakages or any stress to you while you eat shopping.

  6. Avoid Recycling Problems:

    Though people might have good intentions by doing that, recycling plastic bags merely leads to clogging in the machinery, or some snagging over conveyor belts and wheels. SO, the only way to get rid of plastic is by dampening it at the centre of plastics waste, which sometimes might be your local grocery store.

  7. Save Mother Earth:

    And last but not least, saving mother earth isn’t an option but responsibility for everyone living on it. However, it is hard to imagine a life without plastic retail shopping bags but surely not impossible if you all try to adapt it for your mother earth. Since ages, some people are carrying their own reusable cloth bags for grocery shopping and just like them you too can! And without any doubt, the correct choice between plastic bags and reusable bags – IS OBVIOUS.


So, are you now well-versed with what is better for you and your environment? Are you ready to save your mother earth and other beings from getting infected by these not so healthy products? A shift from plastic bags to reusable cloth material bags might take time but is surely not impossible. So, instead of making any personal preferences, think about your survival and that too of others. Plastic can kill you in every possible way, so stop using and start boycotting to build a better environment.







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7 Reasons One Should Use Reusable Grocery Bags

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