7 Surprisingly Big Benefits of Aerial Yoga

7 Surprisingly Big Benefits of Aerial Yoga
7 Surprisingly Big Benefits of Aerial Yoga

7 Surprisingly Big Benefits of Aerial Yoga : Yoga is good for your body and your mind. Aerial yoga is done mid-air and pushes the boundaries of regular yoga. Here are the big benefits of aerial yoga.

Does the idea of doing yoga poses while wrapped in silk hammock intrigue you?

Perhaps you’ve seen images on your favorite yoga Instagram feeds or you noticed an advertisement for a new aerial yoga class in town.

Whether you’re already a yoga fan or you don’t know the difference between a tree pose and warrior pose, this latest yoga craze could be a good fit for your workout routine.

What could be better than pretending you’re an acrobat while you work in a little fitness?

Check out these seven benefits of aerial yoga to see if it’s right for you.

  1. Good for All Skill Levels

    Worried you need acrobatic experience to enjoy aerial yoga benefits? The idea of balancing yourself on a silk or hammock while also doing yoga poses can seem intimidating at first.

    But most people get the hang of this type of exercise fairly quickly.

    You also get the support of the hammock to help you achieve yoga poses, so even if you’re not experienced at yoga, this class option could be a good fit. It helps you get the correct posture and alignment for different poses.

    Look for an introductory class to ease into aerial yoga. You won’t feel so intimidated if everyone around you is also new to it.

    Give the intro classes a few tries before you decide whether or not aerial yoga is a good fit. It can take some time to get used to the new format, especially if you’re used to keeping your body on the ground.

  2. Full-Body Workout

    Some people think of any type of yoga as just stretching and relaxation. But it works the body in so many ways.

    One study showed that aerial yoga falls into the low to moderate intensity level for cardio. Study participants burned 320 calories in a 50-minute session on average.

    The study showed that the participants lost fat mass and increased muscle mass. In other words, it can help you lose weight and strengthen your muscles for a more toned look.

    Aerial yoga is also an effective core workout. On the mat, you have a point of stability, but you lose that when you’re suspended. Less stability on the yoga hammock forces you to engage your core whether or not you realize it.

    That means you can get in an intense workout to get your recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise while you strengthen muscles throughout your body.

  3. No Impact

    If you struggle with joint issues that make high-impact exercise difficult, aerial yoga is a good alternative. Since you’re suspended in an aerial silk, you don’t have the weight of your body pushing on your joints while you do the yoga poses.

    It can also be beneficial for people with back issues. The silk provides support, and the poses don’t put strain on your spine like some other exercise methods do.

    Being inverted might actually help ease your back pain. Some people feel relief with inversion.

    Hanging upside down decompresses the spine, allowing it to lengthen. It can decrease the tension on your spine.

    You can get in an intense workout that targets your full body without putting unnecessary strain on your body.

  4. Easier to Achieve Yoga Poses

    Having the support of the silk allows you to achieve difficult yoga poses more easily than you can on the mat. For example, maybe you’ve been struggling to do a headstand or difficult inversion poses.

    The silk can help hold your body, so you can get into the position. This helps you feel the pose in the correct form. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment and may build your confidence in your yoga skills.

    Practicing regularly with on the aerial silks could help you achieve the pose on the mat faster.

  5. Improved Balance and Flexibility

    Beyond the strength and cardio benefits, aerial yoga also helps you with your balance and flexibility.

    Because you’re suspended, you’re working against gravity. That means you have to keep yourself balanced and stable since you don’t have the floor or the stability.

    The hammock provides support, but you’ll need to keep yourself balanced within it to perform the poses.

    Flexibility comes into play because of the freedom of movement you have with the hammock. There’s less tension in your body, which allows you to increase how far you move.

    Improving your balance and flexibility during aerial yoga transfers to your everyday life. Having better balance can reduce your risk of falls and improve your coordination.

  6. Mood Boost

    Like all types of exercise, aerial yoga helps boost the hormones that make you feel happy, including serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine. This can improve your attitude throughout the day.

    Adding in the thrill of being suspended and going against gravity can add in a dose of adrenaline. That can have an invigorating, uplifting effect during and after your workout.

    Aerial yoga can also be mentally challenging since it’s something new. It forces you to be more focused and alert. This can not only help your mental sharpness, but it can also give you a sense of satisfaction that improves your mood.

  7. Fun Activity

    Do you have an exercise routine that you love? Not every type of exercise is fun for everyone. When you enjoy your workout, you’re more likely to stick with it.

    Doing yoga poses from suspension silks is a lot more interesting than boring aerobics classes. If living out your childhood fantasies of being a circus performer sounds like fun, aerial yoga could be an option that makes exercise exciting again.

    Since it’s done in a group setting, aerial yoga is also a good way to get a group of friends together to make it even more fun. If you go to class solo, you might meet new friends, too.

Try Out Aerial Yoga

If you’re looking for a new way to strengthen your body, lose weight, or improve your physical condition overall, aerial yoga could be a good option. It’s a new and exciting way to get in a yoga workout.

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7 Surprisingly Big Benefits of Aerial Yoga

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