7 Unique Foods That Best Matches Your Champagne Wine Choice

7 Unique Foods That Best Matches Your Champagne Wine Choice : Foods and wines create a perfect blend for each other. Each wine is crafted finely to match with the type of foods that you intake to make sure that your appetite won’t go wrong after eating.

Ideally, an excellent dish is often enjoyed if there is a glass of Spanish sparkling wine ready to produce a perfect after taste in your mouth.

One of the best type of wines which is ever made that matches to various recipes are champagnes. They are excellent for starters because they do not taste as hard as other wine does and they bring an ultimate delight of food and drink combination for all food lovers. Technically, it’s a basic gesture for everyone to take a glass of champagne when eating their favorite food.

But, what if there comes a time that you get tired of pairing your usual food and champagne? Today, we’d like to show you some unique recipes that you can ultimately pair with a glass of champagne without a hitch. These unique recipes can be taken even if you are not in a fine dining restaurant. Here are they to get you started.

Foods That Best Matches Your Champagne Wine Choice

  1. Fried Mushrooms

    When you eat fried foods like mushrooms and pair it with a glass of champagne then you got the best of both worlds.  A glass of Dom Perignon champagne best fits for this. This is due to the earthy flavor of the mushroom being complimented by a richer fruity flavor found in the said champagne.

  2. Mac & Cheese

    Homemade macaroni and cheese is another outrageous recipe that must be paired with a glass of champagne. In achieving a perfect blend of taste, you must consider some factors before you pair it. Your Mac & Cheese should possess the right toppings and cheese ingredient. At the same time, you also need to choose the right champagne flavor so that the taste of the cheese will fully blend.

    When you make this kind of recipe, you need to select a soft yet creamy cheese. In choosing champagne, it needs to have more acids so that the taste of the cheese won’t overwhelm your taste-buds enabling you to dislike what you are eating. Toppings such as pancetta, truffles, or breadcrumbs which are toasted also create a perfect blend of champagne in a Mac & Cheese recipe.

  3. Butternut Squash Ravioli In A Brown Butter Sage

    This is a delicate and exquisite type of dish. Though it is complex, it produces an earthy and sweet taste using butternut squash and a sage. This dish is a bit sweet and you must need a toast of wine that will find a little bubbliness that can blend with the sweetness of this food.

    In that case, you can choose to have a Chardonnay type of champagne which can surely provide a fruity and sweetness overload flavor.

  4. Barbecue Chicken Sandwich

    A snack that is full of smoky taste and flavor. Almost everyone enjoys this kind of food whenever going to the beach or having a picnic at home. When you opt to eat a barbecue chicken sandwich, get champagne that doesn’t provide so much subtle taste. A chicken BBQ provides a delicate taste in your mouth and in order for you to control this is by making sure that you pair the right taste of champagne wine.

  5. Fish Tacos

    Fish tacos are one of the rare and outrageous foods that must be paired with champagne. When you’d like to get a toast of this wine to pair with this food, you must get an exquisite crisp wine that has a Brut Nature taste. These type of wines doesn’t have any added sugar; thus, it fits perfectly to the fish tacos you will be consuming.

  6. Corn Dogs in Dijon Mustard

    As mentioned, fried foods best partners with champagne. If friend mushrooms and champagne are best friends, then cord dogs with mustard provide a more indulgent taste. The trick of enjoying both the corn dog and the mustard is to find a wine that compliments the mustard itself, not the corn dog.

    The mustard and the champagne has the same job of maintaining the acid in the food; thus, you have to make sure that your wine is not too acidic.

  7. Vegetarian Red Bean Chili

    Looking into the background and history of food pairing, this food always comes the best choice to pair with champagne. No matter how spicy this kind of food you will serve, you will still end up a good taste when paired with champagne. According to most of the food lovers, there’s always a heavenly taste and feeling you will get whenever a vegetarian red bean chili is paired with an exquisite type of champagne. Make sure that once you serve this kind of food, get a toast of champagne so that your tummy will be totally filled.





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7 Unique Foods That Best Matches Your Champagne Wine Choice

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