7 Uses of Patchouli Essential Oil You Never Knew About

7 Uses of Patchouli Essential Oil You Never Knew About : The Patchouli plant belongs to the mint or deadnettle family of plants. It belongs to the species Lamiaceae, which is a bushy herb that bears pale white and pink flowers. This plant grows up to a height of two to three feet or 60 to 90 centimeters. The leaves of Patchouli have jagged edges. This plant was predominant in regions with tropical climates and in islands such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Philippines.

However, since Patchouli essential oil became renowned for its therapeutic benefits, its cultivation soon spread to other parts of the world, including the Caribbean Islands and South America. The bulk of this plant is cultivated in Indonesia. In India, Patchouli plants are predominant in the North Eastern states, especially Assam.

The word Patchouli is etymologically derived from its Tamil name patchai, literally translated as green leaf.

The perennial herb, Patchouli, grows well in the humid climate of tropical regions. Prolonged direct sunlight may wither the leaves of the plant, however, just a few drops of water from the rain is sufficient to rejuvenate the plant.

Extraction of Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli is grown mainly for the health benefits that its essential oil offers. The leaves and twigs of the plant are dried and extracted by a process called steam distillation. There are different approaches to how patchouli essential oil is extracted. Some do it by drying the leaves and then extracting, while others use the fresh leaves to distill. Regardless of the method, the final product contains all the benefits of the plant. The leaves of the plant have more oil content than the stem, roots and twigs. The oil has a sweet and spicy aroma due to the presence of a sesquiterpene alcohol, patchoulol.

Active Ingredients in Patchouli Essential Oil

What is patchouli essential oil good for? The goodness of any product depends on the constituents that are present in the product. In the case of patchouli essential oil, its active ingredients are responsible for its qualities. Some of its dominant active ingredients are as follows:

  • Patchouli alcohol
  • Delta-Guaiene
  • Azulene
  • Trans Caryophellene
  • Nephtalene
  • Seychellence

Patchouli alcohol is its main ingredient comprising of 55% of the Patchouli essential oil. It has many medicinal properties including anti-inflammatory, anti-tumorigenic and anti-influenza. It is the ingredient that gives the woody and spicy aroma to the oil. Delta-Guaiene, besides having antimicrobial properties, also gives fragrance to the oil. The ingredient Azulene is used in the cosmetic industry extensively as it can treat several skin and scalp conditions. It is the presence of these active ingredients that makes patchouli oil so useful.

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Patchouli Essential Oil Uses

Essential Oil for Depression

The first benefit of patchouli oil that has to be mentioned is its effect in alleviating depression. When other techniques to reduce depression (including medication and meditation) are supplemented with an essential oil, the sadness and low morale associated with depression is drastically reduced. Essential oil acts as a mood elevator and uplifts the spirits. A sense of serenity is felt in people who use patchouli essential oil in aromatherapy. The other disorders associated with mental health including negativity, anxiety and anger are also lowered with this oil. The woody aroma along with the sedative properties of the oil helps release the happy enzyme dopamine that tackles the sad enzyme serotonin.

Treating skin conditions

Another common use of essential oil is in the care and treatment of skin related issues including inflammation, irritation, acne and dryness. Its antimicrobial property soothes skin inflammations and conditions such as gout.

As a sexual stimulant

Before discussing the other benefits of patchouli essential oil, let’s talk about its usage as a sexual stimulant. Although the evidence is anecdotal, many people use essential oils as an aphrodisiac; patchouli essential oil is also used for this purpose.

Contracting skins and pores

The astringent property of the essential oil is useful in contracting skin, tissues and muscles. This property is extensively used in anti-ageing creams and lotions to prevent wrinkles. It also prevents the pores on the scalp from expanding, thus reducing hair loss due to ageing.

Faster healing

Physical wounds and abrasions are healed faster when patchouli essential oil is topically applied to the affected region. It also lessens the scars left by the wounds.

Boosts blood circulation

Patchouli oil assists the body in generating new cells, including red blood cells which are needed to transport oxygen to the tissues. This stimulates the blood circulation in the body, thus elevating energy levels. This property is also useful in preventing the skin from ageing.

Increases urination

The diuretic property of patchouli normalizes the urination of the body, which flushes out the toxins in the body. Urine also flushes out fat, and hence used for weight loss treatments.

These are some of the medicinal benefits and uses of patchouli oil. This oil can also blend well with other essential oils, which then boosts the benefits of the resulting concoction. Some of the other essential oils that mix well with patchouli are lavender essential oil, bergamot essential oil, myrrh essential oil and sweet almond essential oil. Such concoctions are widely used in the cosmetic and perfumery industries.

Patchouli when mixed with lemon essential oil gives a perfect solution to get rid of the odors in a room. Adding patchouli and lemon oils in 1:1 ratio in a cup of water, and spraying the mixture in a closed room will eliminate any foul smell and fill the room with its pleasant aroma. Blending patchouli oil with lavender, orange and sweet almond oils gives an aroma that will put many expensive perfumes to shame. There are several other blending combinations that are used in aromatherapy. Blending two or more essential oils combines the health benefits of all the oils and benefits the user.

These are some of the amazing patchouli essential oil uses. Besides the ones mentioned here, this oil has a wide range of other health benefits. But, before using this oil, it should be comprehended that essential oils are not a replacement for any modern medication. Consult a physician before using.





7 Uses of Patchouli Essential Oil You Never Knew About






7 Uses of Patchouli Essential Oil You Never Knew About

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