7 Ways to Keep Gym Clothes Clean and Fresh

7 Ways to Keep Gym Clothes Clean and Fresh : It is undeniable that gym clothes become smelly after your workout sessions. Bacteria, body sweat, and dead skin cells are the culprit of this odor. You must keep your gym clothes clean and fresh to be comfortable hitting the gym. Do not leave them unwashed; immediately take care of your gym clothes.

Air dry gym clothes before washing.

After your workout session, the best thing to do is wash your clothes to prevent odors. However, you might have other responsibilities to do. You can either have a fast and reliable laundry pickup and delivery service or air dry your gym clothes and wash them later.

Although washing them immediately at home or at a laundry service is the best way, hanging them to dry can still prevent bacteria from growing. Just don’t let it sit for a day or more.

Turn gym clothes inside out.

Most of the odor-causing bacteria are inside the clothes. Turn your gym clothes inside out to ensure the sweat, body oils, and dirt are removed during the wash cycle. Moreover, letting the inside of the clothes take all the agitation helps maintain the appearance of your gym clothes. Alongside this, it’s vital that you only use high-quality cleaning products, like those from The Laundress to keep the condition of your clothing as best as possible.

Only use cold water in the wash cycle.

Cold water helps your gym clothes maintain their breathability, shape, and performance. If you use hot water in your wash cycle, the heat breaks down the synthetic fabrics and creates shrinkage.

Apply only an adequate amount of liquid detergent.

It is a misconception that the more detergent you use, the cleaner your laundry gets. It only damages your fabric and creates a layer of buildup in the clothes. Detergent residues trap body oils, dirt, and dead skin, inviting bacteria and fungus.

Skip the use of fabric softener.

Fabric softeners are not welcome in moisture-wicking and flexible fabrics. Its chemical clogs the synthetic fabric and leaves a film that traps more odor making it more difficult to clean. If you must use a fabric softener, use a natural alternative. A half cup of distilled white vinegar is enough to soften your synthetic fabric safely and naturally kill the foul odor.

Dry on a low heat cycle or air dry.

Gym clothes use a different fabric material. Drying them with high heat may break down the fabric performance and alter its shape, fit, and flexibility. It is best to dry them on low heat, or air dry them to maintain their optimal performance and long wear.

Do not forget about the sneakers.

Some think that gym wear does not include shoes. It is, and you probably wear them more often than all your other workout gears combined. You have to remember that athletic shoes are not welcome in washing machines. Do not leave them for laundry pickup service. Take care of your shoes at home.

Follow these ways to ensure your gym clothes are clean and fresh. It does not only help the fabric last longer but also your performance during workouts. Clean and fresh gym clothes will keep your performance to the next level.



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7 Ways to Keep Gym Clothes Clean and Fresh

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