8 Best Places To Visit In Switzerland Before You Turn 30

8 Best Places To Visit In Switzerland Before You Turn 30 : The natural scenery in Switzerland is very enchanting because it is traversed directly by the Alps and beautiful villages like in a fairy tale.

Famous Place in Switzerland :

  1. Jungfraujoch

    Tourist attractions in Switzerland this one you must include in your list of foreign holidays and your family! Jungfraujoch is a tourist spot located at a high point in the Bernese Alps, Switzerland. To reach the top, you are required to use a cable car, this tourist spot is the highest train station in Europe.

    The scenery in Jungfraujoch is truly amazing because this place is the heart of Switzerland, so it is not surprising that UNESCO named this tourist spot as a world heritage. Of course, there are some exciting activities that you can do while there.

    You can enjoy the overall view either through the terrace at the top, above the peak, you can also see sculptures made of ice. Not only that, as long as you are above you don’t need to be afraid to hold your hunger because there are so many restaurants that offer delicious Swiss menus.

    You can learn about the history of chocolate and also learn how to make Swiss chocolate at Lindt Swiss Chocolate Heaven. In addition, there are also several exhibitions held, the exhibition will be explained in an informative way using multimedia equipment.

    How are you interested in visiting Jungfraujoch? Don’t forget to invite your relatives!

  2. The Rhine Falls

    The most famous tourist spot in Switzerland is the Rhine waterfall. This waterfall is the largest in the European Region, so many Europeans are familiar with the Rhine.

    The Rhine Falls is located in the village of Neuhausen and just below Schaffhausen, Northern Switzerland. The speed of this waterfall is very heavy so that visitors can enjoy the sensation of cool waterfall. It is estimated that the Rhine falls are 15,000 years old and formed as a result of tectonic movements during the ice age. For those of you who are interested in visiting the Rhine waterfall, come in May or June because this month, the waterfall discharge is very high which makes it even more beautiful.

  3. Mount Pilatus

    Mount Pilatus is a tourist spot in Switzerland that is also famous among local and foreign tourists. The height of this mountain reaches 2,129 meters above sea level. This mountain is famous for the legend among the Swiss about the dragon located in the lake on Mount Pilatus.

    Mount Pilatus is located in the middle of Switzerland which means it is very easy to reach. You can go to Mount Pilatus by train, bus or by road. If you use the train from Alpnachstad to Lucerne, then the distance is about 17 minutes, but if you use a car then the distance is 16 minutes.

    There are many activities that you can do while on Mount Pilatus, such as enjoying the scenery in Pilatus Kulm, learning about the history and legends that exist on Mount Pilatus, to traveling around Piluland which is a favorite place for children.

  4. Lake Lucerne / Lucerne

    Lake Lucerne or often referred to as Lucerne is a lake located in Central Switzerland and surrounded by 4 cantons, Lucerne, Nidwalden, Uri, and Schwyz. The location of the lake is adjacent to the steep limestone mountains so it is no wonder this lake is so famous as a tourist spot in Switzerland.

    Lake Lucerne has an area of about 114 sq km with a lake length of 39 km and a lake depth of 214 m! there are several activities that you can do while on this lake such as climbing Mount Rigi, taking a boat, traveling to historical sites in Lucerne, to taking selfies at the famous William Tell.

    Tips for those of you when visiting this place is to use Swiss Franc currency during several transactions and while there most of the drinks served are hot tea because considering the region is very cold.

  5. Bernina Express

    Tourist attractions in Switzerland this one is a target for world tourists! How come? World travelers want to experience the beautiful Alps around the Bernina train.

    Located in Chun, Switzerland, and final destination in Tirano, Italy. Bernina Express offers several beauties during the trip, you can enjoy stunning views during the journey, such as views of Montebello, Morteratsch glacier, Lej Pitschen lake, Lej Nair and Lago Bianco.

    The Bernina Train has a route length of 144 km where the starting point is at Chun or St. Moritz and ending in Tirano, Italy. The duration of the train journey is about 4 hours 30 minutes so that during the trip you can rest while enjoying the natural scenery of Europe.

  6. Kastil Chillon

    Chillon Castle is located on the rocks on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland. This castle is a water castle as well as the most visited historical building in Switzerland. Chillon Castle is a castle belonging to the Prince of Savoy which was founded in the 12th century, in its history it is stated that this castle was once ruled by the residents of Bern.

    This castle can be rented out for various major events in Switzerland. During your stay at Chillon Castle, you can enjoy several sights such as seeing a row of beautiful flowers, palm trees planted neatly on foot.

  7. Swiss Transport Museum

    Tourist attractions in Switzerland that must be visited next is the largest transportation museum in Switzerland. This transport museum opened to the public in 1959 and is the most popular museum in Switzerland.

    The museum features many activities such as exhibitions, amusement parks, and simulations that you can participate in. This museum has a collection of more than 3,000 which are on display in the museum which has an exhibition space of 20,000 m2.

    The collections stored include land transportation, train, air transportation to sea transportation. The experience that you will get while in the museum is that you can see unique attractions, documentaries were shown through the museum’s cinema, tour the planetarium, you can also see how Swiss chocolate is made.

  8. Zurich Zoo

    This zoo is a tourist spot in Zurich, Switzerland. Zurich Zoo is home to more than 340 species of animals with a zoo design that is almost similar to real nature.

    This zoo is used as a natural conservation center which is also involved in international conservation. This place was opened in 1929 when at that time there were only two elephants, a bull and only a cow.

    The animals at this zoo are very well cared for in naturally made cages. There are many complexes in this zoo that you must visit when you go to Switzerland. You can tour the Masoala rainforest, Lewa savanna, Australia complex, aquarium, and there is also a unique restaurant where you can enjoy zoo views while eating and drinking.

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8 Best Places To Visit In Switzerland Before You Turn 30

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