8 Products That Are Better to Buy Online

8 Products That Are Better to Buy Online : As brands continue to offer quick shipping and free returns, many consumers find that shopping online is more convenient than ever. However, not all products make sense to buy online. For example, if shipping could damage the product or if customers frequently need to issue returns when they make a specific type of purchase, you may be better off buying the product the old-fashioned way at a brick and mortar store.

Not sure which items are truly more convenient to buy online and which still require the in-store shopping experience? Check out this list of eight product types to buy online, and eight you should still touch and feel, try on, or test out in person.

Shop Online

  1. Electronics

    Shopping online for electronics is a lot more convenient than shopping in-store. Online shopping has made it easier than ever to find out the warranty, product specs, and electronic devices’ return policies. You can also read reviews easily and find better deals when you comparison shop across websites. You can use Target coupons to buy latest electronic gadgets at huge discounts of top brands.

  2. Books

    You have the option to create a virtual library with all the books you can buy online today. The web is still the best place to buy cheaper, and it’s a great place to buy secondhand books and be more environmentally friendly.

  3. Office Supplies

    If you are running low on workplace essentials, shopping online has made it easy with simple online catalogs and even office supply subscription services.

  4. Glasses

    With features like virtual try-on, eyeglass companies have made it easier than ever to buy online. Plus, it’s often less expensive to purchase glasses’ from an online retailer than at your optometrist’s office. You’ll also have a far wider selection to choose from when you buy glasses online, no matter what prescription you have. On this website, you can browse unisex, men’s, and glasses frames for women.

  5. Toiletries

    More often than not, it’s easier to buy bamboo toilet paper online and other toiletries in bulk, such as toothpaste, tampons and pads, and shampoo and conditioner. These are common household goods that everyone uses consistently and can never have enough of. Instead of stocking up your shopping cart, it’s easier to purchase everything with one click.
  6. Cleaning Supplies

    There are many cleaning supply duplicates out there, making it overwhelming trying to find the exact product you want. Instead of looking through countless shelves in-store, search for your supplies online.

  7. Pet Food

    All pet owners out there know how heavy pet food can be! Since this is a regular and recurring purchase, ordering online and saving yourself the back strain is well worth it.

  8. Mattresses

    Anyone who’s bought a mattress in-store understands the hassle of strapping your new mattress to the top of your car and hauling it into the house. It’s much easier to get a mattress-in-a-box into your home and up to your bedroom. Plus, many mattress companies offer sleep trials, so don’t worry about not trying out the mattress beforehand.

Shop In-store or In-person

  1. Groceries

    While it’s convenient to order groceries online, you won’t have the same amount of control as shopping in-store yourself. Shopping online makes it challenging to find the freshest fruit and vegetables, and it’s harder to select the right cuts of meat for your preferences.

  2. Furniture

    You should always purchase furniture in-store because it’s difficult to discern the furniture’s quality from photos. It’s also important to test products, like couches, for comfort.

  3. Instruments

    Instruments differ in tonal qualities, sounds, and size. It’s essential to purchase instruments in-store, so you have the option to play them to see if it’s the right instrument for you.

  4. Anything Scented

    If only technology was capable of emitting aromas! Technology hasn’t gone as far as being able to smell scented products via the web, so it’s best to purchase products like candles and soaps in-store.

  5. Anything Alive

    Yes, many plant stores now offer nation-wide shipping and even subscription memberships. However, it’s still best to shop in stores for plants, flowers, or anything else that’s alive. You’ll likely pay less and get a plant in better health or a better bouquet for your money if you shop in-store, and you won’t have to worry about delivery issues.

  6. Jeans

    Denim material often varies, and so does sizing from brand to brand. Plus, jeans come in a wide variety of styles and cuts, making it difficult to gauge how a pair will look with your unique body type. It’s easiest to shop for jeans in-store to save you a virtual trip to the returns section.

  7. Swimwear

    Many swimwear stores don’t offer returns, so it’s imperative to try these on in-store to save yourself the hassle. Especially for women, swimsuits fit differently for everyone and provide limited sizing.

  8. Fine Jewelry

    When it comes to fine jewelry, you want to know that you’re getting exactly what you pay for. Unfortunately, the jewelry you see in photos often look different from what you get in-store. It also helps to try on fine jewelry such as rings and bracelets to ensure they fit and won’t slip off.

The Most Suitable Option

The act of shopping isn’t a one-size-fits-all ordeal; depending on what product you need, it may be easier to buy it on the internet, or ordering online may cause unnecessary complications.

Before adding anything to your virtual cart and clicking “buy,” do a little research and see what other customers have to say about that shopping and delivery process. When in doubt, visit an in-person store to at least browse your options.



Online Vs. Offline Shopping Trends


8 Products That Are Better to Buy Online

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