A Footy Fans Guide to The World of Betting

A Footy Fans Guide to The World of Betting : Maybe you are looking to secure a momentous win or you’re just looking to sort out some profit for beer pocket money – betting on the weekends football matches is a likely place to be gambling. Sometimes big wins can happen, remember that guy who put on a little bet at 5000/1 odds for Leicester to win the league in 2016? He must’ve had a crystal ball… But more often than not, you see yourself losing out on that 8-fold accumulator, yet again. Well that’s why we are here to help. This article is a footy fans guide to the world of betting.

First things first, odds. This is where it all matters. You want to know which odds are the best odds for your game. This means initially searching around different betting companies to find the best odds. We know that the bigger the odds the better the rewards, but chances are the likelihood is just not worth the risk. In saying that, when sports betting, there are always upsets and if you have a feeling then it’s worth a punt. The beauty of football is its unexpected nature after all. Still, you should take advantage of every leg up you can get. Check out what Doc’s NFL experts have to say about the games you are considering betting on and take their expert opinions into consideration!

What you do not want to be doing is backing very low odds games in an accumulator, or very high odds games in an accumulator. Either way the chance of risk to reward is just not worth it. For your best bet at finding winnings you should be looking at odds that are good but the task is achievable. Say for instance West Ham have won their last 2 games and are playing Man United at home. Despite their forms they are the underdogs so have higher odds sitting at 4/1. A bet on this could be worth a punt purely because of the form they are in and the chance of an upset in the premier league being high. What you don’t want to be doing is putting on a treble bet with combined odds of 3/8 for 3 of the top 4 teams to win their games because more often than not you will find this doesn’t come off and the reward you get from the win is minimal.

Now that we have the hang of the odds games it’s all about finding the best chance at beating the odds. This does require some research and knowledge. There are a number of tipping websites and social media accounts which could earn you money, if you are struggling with choosing a winner it may be worth checking them out to help you. There’s little point sticking a bet on a team you know nothing about. Put in the time and effort to find out about the teams recent performances or maybe how they have fared against their opponents in the past and use this researched knowledge to influence your bet. Increasingly with the wonders of technology you can find out more research and information about teams you historically would never have known about. This does open a gateway for betting on teams in random and obscure leagues such as the Belarussian Second Division ( I myself have been found to frequent from time to time). The odds in less well known leagues are better and so you do have more of a chance of winning. Next time you are on the betting app have a look into more obscure European or worldwide leagues as they present better bang for buck than the likes of La Liga or the EPL.

It is also important when betting on football to bear in mind that sticking on a bet for a team to win might not always be your best option. Nowadays you can literally bet on anything from corners to cards, goals to goal scorers so it’s worth, after doing your research, to have a look into some of these options. For instance you could know that two teams playing each other often score more than 2 goals in games, this could lead you to look at sticking on a bet for 4 or more goals in a game. Or perhaps Lecister have a tough game but Jamie Vardy is on great goalscoring form, the odds for him to score may be better than the teams and it would be a better bet. Finally, regarding this, sometimes it’s worth putting on season long bets for top goalscorers or trophy winners. This leads to better odds than you would get further down the line for in-form teams. Being savvy in what you bet will provide a much better chance of finding that win.

Ultimately, the betting companies always win, it’s the way they are designed, right? But if you know what you are doing and perform this well, then you have a much better chance at bashing the bookies and taking home some well-earned profits. Research is the secret and using it well is the key.





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A Footy Fans Guide to The World of Betting

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