A Little Extra Effort Can Gain You A Lot.

During last year, I was attending a class how to get a insurance policy from a person you do not expect that he would be ready. It happens that many times, we make a picture of a person at our own. It is called the failure of reading. He might be in need of some insurance and expecting you to knock him at. But you did not go. Some other agent contacted him and got the business. When you come to know, you say, “Oh! It was unexpected.” Similarly, many things you could have done if you didn’t know earlier that you couldn’t do them. Many people never make a serious effort to achieve worthwhile objectives because they assume they can’t reach them.
Just you make even a little extra effort! You can achieve a lot. Sir Walter Raleigh attended a prestigious boarding school when he was a youngster. He was an excellent student and wanted to be number one in his class.

However, one lad always finished ahead of him, so he determined to discover the secret. Each night when he prepared for bed, he looked across the grounds that separated his room from that of his competitor and noticed that his candle was still burning.

One night he noticed that the other boy studied only about fifteen minutes longer than he did. After that, Sir Walter Raleigh studied an extra twenty minutes every night. At the end of the year he was the number one student.

Many students miss out on a college scholarship because they did not study an additional twenty minutes each day. Over 98 percent of all scholarships are either academic or hardship, so some deserving students miss out not because of lack of ability, but because of lack of effort.

Many times people grow frustrated because promotions or raises don’t come as fast as they think they should, so they jump ship when just around the corner the promotion awaits.

I have often used the phrase “and then some,” that you should keep every promise, and then some; give your clients or customers everything they expect, and then some; give whatever you do an honest effort, and then some.

I believe that little extra effort — that going ahead from where they are to do the best they can with what they have, and then some — is what separates the successful from the would-be successful.

For taking that little extra effort, you need to have a little motivation. That is essential for all of us to succeed in achieving our goals. It can help us focus and work hard for achieving success in life.

How would you get motivation? Whenever you focus on your target, you will get motivation. Here, the goal is the most important. If you have focussed well and determined to achieve that goal, you will be able to gather resources for that too and you can make extra efforts also.

Be Happy – A Little Extra Effort Can Gain You A Lot.