Ensure Appropriate Distribution of Wealth Amongst All. (Part 8)

Ensuring appropriate distribution of wealth amongst all is a difficult task in view of the world wide greed for authority and money. It is true that at some point of time, every one of us seeks a little bit of authority and sufficient resources to support ourselves for meeting our expenses. And it is not bad if I consider that as you work best to your capacity, you too would naturally require that much amount of money and authority to lead your life peacefully and that much won’t affect my survival to the intolerable extent. But how the intolerance would be assessed is some tricky question. If you ask me to adjudge it myself, for me even sky won’t be limit. I will have to have some tolerance to be defined by myself otherwise there would be conflict of the interests always. For that, we need codes of conduct for each segment of the society.
In the earlier posts, I suggested some should-be workings for different segments. For other segments, we can have such codes. If we follow our respective codes, every other person will respect you as he would be peaceful to ascertain that you are not going to exceed your limits defined by the code. If you do, you will disturb the web. Such disturbance would definitely affect you too.

A code of conduct is always more than a list of rules. It is an expression of the values and an extensive definition of the policies of the segment for which that code has been formulated. A written code of conduct has little or no value in and of itself if it is not consistent with the long-term goals and practices. A well thought-out code of conduct is a meaningful, useful document that the members of the segment actually use whereas a provisional, perfunctory code of conduct is an unpleasant reminder of the tendency of the segment to compensate for its own shortsightedness by means of rules and regulations.

Whenever we formulate code of conduct for a particular segment, we must define the goal of demarcating that segment, its contribution and values to the society, its responsibilities and rights as well. It must provide the punitive action if the code is not followed by any of the member(s). We must solicit the opinions of the members of the segment so that once enforced, they must have answerability. There must always be review from time to time to adjust according to the changing circumstances, traditions and new inventions/discoveries. If we all work according to the pre-set codes, we feel that there would be peaceful living environment for all whatever sort of economy we may implement for the welfare of our society and our nation as a whole.

Be Happy – Ensure Appropriate Distribution of Wealth Amongst All.