A Quick Guide to Using an Infrared Sauna

A Quick Guide to Using an Infrared Sauna
A Quick Guide to Using an Infrared Sauna

A Quick Guide to Using an Infrared Sauna : If you’ve ever wondered what is an infrared sauna, you may be interested in some of the amazing health benefits they can offer and how they work. Simply put, an infrared sauna uses light to create heat, warming your body directly instead of the air around you.

They have a lower operating temperature than conventional saunas, meaning they are suitable for people who can not spend time in higher heat. 

But, how do you use an infrared sauna and how can it benefit you? The good news is they are extremely easy to operate and they can provide a range of fantastic benefits.

Read on to find out all you need to know about using infrared saunas.

How to Use an Infrared Sauna

Heat your infrared sauna to a temperature of between 100-140 degrees Fahrenheit. This is approximately 20 degrees less than you would expect to find in a conventional sauna, making it a considerably more comfortable environment. If you are new to using infrared saunas, it’s best to start at a lower heat until you get used to the experience. 

Spending time in a sauna can be incredibly relaxing and pleasant. But, you’ll want to bring in a towel to sit on to make yourself more comfortable. It’s also a good idea to have a smaller towel to wipe any sweat away from your eyes and mouth.

Don’t forget that your body will not be used to this kind of heat, and will need plenty of water to stay hydrated. While you should drink fluids before you go into the infrared sauna, it’s helpful to bring a bottle of water with you. This way you can take small sips whenever you feel like you’re getting too hot.

While it can be tempting to sit still or even lie down during your sauna session, it’s beneficial to move your body. Performing light stretches can increase mobility and improve blood circulation for better results. 

Infrared Sauna Benefits

One of the benefits of infrared sauna use is losing weight. But, as well as weight loss, they can also help reduce muscle aches and aid with skin detoxification. You could also experience mental health benefits and feel more relaxed, invigorated, and enjoy greater stress relief. While you can get many of these benefits by exercising, using an infrared sauna requires no physical exertion.

You can read more about the benefits of using an infrared sauna before you book a session and then savor the advantages while appreciating the relaxing heat.

Enjoy Spending Time in an Infrared Sauna

If you would like to achieve health benefits in a gentle and relaxing manner, then using an infrared sauna could be for you. There is the potential to lose weight and slim down with minimal effort. Just remember to drink lots of water to stay hydrated and enjoy the experience. 

Don’t rush off to try an infrared sauna just yet. Take a moment to read more informative posts in our Health & Wellbeing section before you go.






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A Quick Guide to Using an Infrared Sauna

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