Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 100)

It has become some ritual type practice that at the end of a year, we review our performance and make some determination for the next year. Yesterday, we felt the need of identifying what exactly we wish for because it has been found a common problem for many of us that we do not know about our exact requirement and when we attempt to accomplish our dreams, after a few steps, we find that we are moving in wrong direction. So, it is essential that we must identify what exactly we wish for. Similarly, we have some other problems also. The next one, how are we patient about our targets?

Holding Positive, Yet Flexible Expectations

How many times have you set a massive goal while thinking, “This will be a breeze”?

You imagine yourself effortlessly taking action each day, easily moving toward your chosen outcome and reaching it in record time. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it usually happens.

Instead, you struggle almost from the get-go and feel overwhelmed and frustrated when you don’t seem to be progressing as quickly as you planned. Rather than acknowledging that you may have set your sights too high, you may be tempted to give up altogether.

Unfortunately, we often fail to realize that it is far easier to think about doing something than it is to actually DO it, especially if we have limiting beliefs that might be holding us back.

With every goal you set, understand that there is going to be a period of transition as you work toward it. You can’t expect to make a giant leap from mailroom clerk to CEO in a matter of weeks, or lose 50 pounds in a month, or go from being a couch potato to a marathon runner overnight.

But you also can’t allow negative expectations to prevent you from trying at all. Rather, your goal should be to keep your expectations positive but also flexible.

The Remedy:

One good way to do this is to start smaller. Not many people will enjoy hearing that, but it’s a good idea if you want to avoid getting frustrated and giving up.

There’s nothing wrong with setting big goals and having big dreams, but you also want to start with those that you believe are most achievable. The truth is that all goals are achievable, especially when you work in co-creative partnership with the universe, but you may have a hard time believing that some goals are achievable, and if you believe that you will block them from manifesting.

However, you can overcome these obstacles by either setting smaller goals to start with, or balancing your expectations of how and when your goal will come to fruition. Which one you choose will depend on your personal preferences.

There are people who can set a large goal, hold to their vision and diligently work toward it for years until they achieve it. They never lose sight of what they’re working toward, they don’t doubt that they will receive the outcome they want, and they’re willing to wait patiently until it happens.

But some people are the opposite – they want results and they want them fast! If that describes you, you’ll probably be happier setting smaller goals and enjoying moderate results as you go along.

Remember, you can expand your goal consistently too. If your ultimate goal is to be earning $100,000 a year with your own business but you feel too overwhelmed or intimidated by that figure, start with a smaller goal of $20,000 and then raise the amount when you reach the first benchmark. If you want to lose $50, try focusing on $10 at a time. $50 sounds like a lot, but when you consider that it’s only 5 sets of $10, it seems a lot more achievable.

Nearly any large goal can be broken down into smaller pieces – and when you focus on achieving those smaller goals they eventually add up to big success!

Another important point to keep in mind is that you don’t have to achieve the entire goal on your own. Encourage others to work with you. Hold to the vision and you will be led to the people, resources, opportunities and means to achieve the goal more easily than you could accomplish on your own. Just be flexible about how and when all this progress happens. Expect the best but don’t get attached to specific ways or timeframes. You can Accomplish Your Dreams smoothly.

Be Happy – Accomplish Your Dreams by being positive and having flexible expectations.