Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 101)

Every fraction of time is important in human life. We have for convenience defined the time in terms of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, fortnights, months and years. Time is running and the year 2009 is fast approaching to its close. When it was going to start, some of you might have planned to accomplish some dreams. Some of you might have succeeded to do so, the other ones could not. Whatever be the reasons, there is another opportunity to review our working and improve so that next year, we may try to accomplish them or we may revise them keeping in view the developments that took place in the current year. While drafting our plans for the next year, we may consider what exactly we wish for and in that direction, we may have to be flexible as well as positive also to Accomplish Our Dreams. A step ahead, we need to balance our efforts with alignment to our dreams.

Balancing Effort with Alignment Of Your Dreams.

Working toward any new goal seems hard at the beginning, but sometimes we underestimate just how hard it can get. Sometimes the struggle is the result of unrealistic expectations, like we covered ago. Taking on a bigger goal than you’re ready for can definitely make the journey to be impossible.

But there’s also a more common reason for goal-achievement seeming difficult at the beginning, and that is: you have to build momentum before it will seem easier.

A common analogy used to describe momentum is pushing a car. To get the car rolling, you have to exert a lot of force. But the longer you push, momentum begins to take over and you hardly have to push at all to keep the car moving along.

Goals are very much the same in that you have to work harder at them in the beginning than you do toward the end. If you work at them for long enough, you enter this “zone” where it just seems simple to take the action steps and make steady progress each day.

Another good example is starting a new fitness routine. Your first workout will probably seem a little bit like torture. Your muscles will burn and ache; you’ll be drenched in sweat and end up wondering if a sedentary life might not be so bad after all.

But what happens if you keep pushing through your workouts every day? You build muscle and get stronger. You feel more energetic. You’ll probably even begin to enjoy working out. The stronger you get, the more easily you are able to keep up the momentum.

Every goal will have this in common. But it goes much deeper than physical effort; you also need to build up your “vibrational muscles” by consistently attuning to the outcome you are trying to create. All of the action in the world cannot overcome energetic gaps. If you don’t work daily on getting aligned with your desired outcome, the actions you take will seem much harder than they really need to be, and probably be completely ineffective.

The Remedy:

Obviously, the remedy for this one is simple: keep your efforts in proper perspective by working steadily toward the outcome each day and remembering that you are building momentum. Keep reminding yourself that it won’t always be so challenging. While that sounds simple, it may not always be easy to convince yourself. Therefore, here are a couple of strategies that will help you align with your goal mentally and energetically:

Relish the challenge.

Have you ever noticed that your self-talk determines your attitude? If you keep whining about how hard it is, that it will take forever to make progress, you’re going to be miserable and probably make very little progress.

On the other hand, if you were to keep telling yourself that you’re enjoying the process, that it’s not so bad, that you feel great as you take one step after another toward your goals – you’ll instantly feel more motivated and your progress will probably be greater too. Convince yourself that you have what it takes to keep moving forward and that it’s not as hard as you feared. Often, just believing this is enough to make it so.

Baby steps.

At any point if you feel intimidated or frustrated because you’re not making progress quickly enough, try narrowing your focus onto one tiny aspect of your goal. Every goal will probably have numerous action steps that you’ll take each day as you work toward it, but trying to do all of them at once might prove overwhelming.

If that’s the case, try doing just one of the action steps until it gets easier. Then add another one, and another, until you are doing all of them with less struggle.

As for energetic alignment, one of the best ways to get steadily more aligned with your outcome is to keep imagining it already accomplished. Sit quietly and envision yourself enjoying the goal already accomplished. See yourself enjoying your bigger salary, living in the home of your dreams, feeling great about your slender new body. Do this daily and you will be consistently altering your energetic signal to match the essence of what you are trying to achieve, which means the physical effort you need to apply to achieve it will be much less than it would be otherwise.

It is therefore advisable to balance your efforts in alignment to your dreams – you can achieve your targets even if they seem to be impossible in the beginning or you feel that to be tiring in the process.

Be Happy – Accomplish Your Dreams by balancing your efforts.