Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 105)

It is said that it is very easy to conceive a dream, but it is very difficult to implement that dream. No, it is not so. When you conceive a dream on realistic ground after thorough examining and ascertaining your resources, your capabilities, your priorities and your confidence, you can accomplish them easily. However, fear of failure is one big reason why many people can’t seem to move forward in life. They constantly dream big dreams, set big goals, create big plans – only to find themselves procrastinating, holding back, or making little progress. Let us consider how we can transform fear of failure.

Transforming Fear of Failure

It is true that if you fear failure you are essentially setting yourself up for failure, or at least constant obstacles or problems that block the progress you want to make. Even if you don’t think this problem applies to you, remember that a fear of failure isn’t always obvious, either. Our minds have ways of tricking us that are very convincing.

For example, let’s say you set a goal to lose weight and get into better shape for the New Year. You start out very well, sticking to your workouts and eating right. The numbers on the scale are beginning to creep downward – when all of a sudden you find yourself in situations that are ripe with temptation. You forget to bring your nutritious lunch to work one day, visit the cafeteria and choose the most fattening meal on the menu – then you wonder why you did that? Or you call a friend and invite him or her to dinner at a restaurant and use the outing as an excuse to eat more than you should, effectively blowing your healthy eating plan for the day.

You may not realize right away that you’re sabotaging your own efforts. In fact, it’s usually quite the opposite: you feel frustrated because these outer influences are interfering with your plan to lose weight! However, if you dig deeply enough and look closely at what’s really going on, you’ll usually find some fears lurking beneath the surface.

You may realize that your shrinking size brings up feelings of fear because you know that other people are going to start noticing, which will put more pressure on you to keep going. You may be afraid of reaching a plateau and getting stuck there – so you invent external situations that you can point to and say, “I failed because of that.”

There are many possible ways for a fear of failure to make itself known, but you’ll usually notice it because of an inner sense of hesitation or dread, or even a lack of self-belief.

The Remedy:

In order to overcome a fear of failure, you have to first understand that goal achievement is not a “one shot deal”. Rarely are situations so black and white. In fact, the only way you can truly fail is if you stop trying.

You may fear slipping up with your healthy eating plan because it will mean “failure” – but the only person who can decide whether you’ve failed or not is none else but YOU only. If you decide that one slip is not a big deal and get right back on plan, have you failed? Of course not.

The concept of “failure” is based solely on your own perceptions. If you refuse to buy into a rigid concept of failure and success and instead just take the process one day at a time – one moment at a time – you can’t fail. You will simply keep making positive choices and enjoying the progress that comes along with them.

To succeed, you need to make it your mission to focus on success! Focus on believing that you can accomplish anything you desire. Focus on how great you will feel when your goal has been manifested in full living color.

Be Happy – Don’t fear failure in your attempts. You will surely be successful to Accomplish Your Dreams.