Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 106)

Sometime, you do not get success in Accomplishing Your Dreams due to fear of failure. Similarly you may be taken over by fear of success. Actually, the fear of failure is closely related to the fear of success. It may seem that these two are complete opposites, but they are more similar than you may think. Both of them involve one common belief: that you won’t be able to handle the consequences of the outcome. You need to transform your Fear of Success.

How to Transform Fear of Success

A fear of failure raises worries about the consequences of not achieving your goal, while a fear of success raises worries about the consequences of succeeding at your goal. In both cases, you doubt your ability to handle the results.

Using the same weight loss example put up to yesterday, a fear of success may cause you to worry that your friends and family will treat you differently if you lose weight. Or you may wonder how you’ll ever be able to have a good time at parties if you can’t enjoy your favorite foods – after all, a “skinny” person doesn’t pig out on junk food.

You may worry about the expense of buying a new wardrobe to fit your smaller size – or any number of other fears related to the outcome of your goal.

Once again, you are operating under the assumption that you won’t be able to handle such a possibility, or that it would be somehow “bad” if it happened.

The Remedy:

Overcoming this fear is simple if you come up with some coping strategies ahead of time. Start by making a list of your specific fears, along with things you could do to cope with them if they happened.


I won’t know how to relate to men when I’m thin and attractive.


I would relate to them exactly as I do now, but I could also work more on building my self-confidence to deal with unwanted advances, etc.


I really can’t afford to buy a new wardrobe right now; maybe I should hold off on this goal until spring.


I won’t need smaller sizes immediately. Between now and then I can set aside the money I used to spend on junk food, cut back in other areas, and even check out some consignment or thrift shops – they always have great deals on clothing. The universe will provide everything I need; I do believe that.

Whatever your specific fears are, addressing them will convince you that you CAN handle the outcome, no matter what it may be.

Even better, be sure to keep visualizing the strategies being easy and fun. Visualize yourself feeling confident and strong. Visualize yourself having plenty of money to cover everything you need, and so on. Then you will be focusing on solutions, not potential problems. You can Accomplish Your Dreams smoothly. Just go ahead forgetting your fear of failure and fear of success.