Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 23)

Most people never achieve their goals because they often quit just when they’re on the verge of reaching their dream. To Accomplish Your Dreams, you must not give up. If you give up – it is over and nothing would change. Those who fail – quit. Those who quit always fail. Those who succeed never give up. Those who never give up almost always succeed. I know some of you will say that you are persistent, you have been trying for the past 15 years and nothing has changed, you keep trying and nothing works, you simply can not go on anymore.

Succeeding is not about doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result. That is insanity. To Accomplish Your Dreams you may have to stay persistent, by never giving up you continue striving toward your goals – but you have to always try something different in order to get a different result. You always look for a solution. Think over it how and why you need to stay committed to your goal, why you should never give up and how to keep the momentum going so you reach or surpass your goals.

To achieve your goals and enjoy success, To Accomplish Your Dreams, you have to stay on course despite interference or any potential barriers that could throw you off course. Now this interference is not limited to just outside sources – it can be internal, it could come from within. What does it mean? Your mind will often convince you to give up. It is only because your mind is used to having things a certain way – and it is comfortable with failure. Success can be jarring – it is not in your comfort zone. Your mind can not relate to it, so it tries to keep you in the zone that it knows, which is known as failure.

Too often people give up, they do not try a different option, refuse to stay open minded or think they know everything when really it is just their mind running convincing them to give up so that it can go back to what it knows best, what it is comfortable with, which is known as failure. Yes, your mind can cause you to give up by giving you a number of excuses that all sound legitimate but really are pretty lame. If you are persistent and successful, you may not fall for the mind’s little tricks to avoid to Accomplish Your Dreams. You will not think that you know everything; you will be open to all possibilities, willing to learn and try something new – despite what your mind might say and you will learn new things just about everyday. Those who say they are persistent but fail – do the exact opposite.

They sometimes think they know the outcome before they start, they think they know everything, are not open to new possibilities, are not willing to try and learn something new – but they continue to try and achieve all of their goals, by doing the same things over and over again. If you want to be successful, if you want to achieve your goals, then you have to try doing something different so that you get a different result. You have to go beyond your comfort zone, consider all options, be willing to learn something new, stay open minded and do not assume you know everything – because after all, no one really knows everything.

If that were the case we would not be making new discoveries in different fields everyday. By doing the above you force your mind to go in a different direction and no longer accept its excuses for not succeeding. You no longer allow yourself to give up before even getting started. At the same time you instruct your subconscious mind to help you succeed because you tell it that you are open to new options and ready to succeed at all costs. That you are willing to learn, grow and experience new things even if you may know something you are still willing to explore it from a new view point. This is a fresh and robust approach to achieving our goals and when you do this you give your subconscious mind more options for you to succeed. And you prevent your mind from convincing you to give up. You can achieve your goals – if you stay persistent. Try a different approach. Be willing to learn something new. Do not accept that you know everything even if you think you are going through a familiar process – you may discover something new. Be open to any and all possibilities. Instruct your subconscious mind to help you find all options to help you succeed. Get started today. First – think about what you want. Then take a look at what you have been doing to achieve that goal – write it down if you have to.

Next – To Accomplish Your Dreams, you must push yourself to find and work with new methods to achieve your goals. Do not accept the idea or the belief that you have tried everything. If you had truly tried everything you would have been successful already. The truth is you have only tried everything that you know – and if you have not succeeded there is either something that you do not know or something that you have not tried. For example: When I as starting out as a Police Reporter I was trying to break a particular story – but I was not having any luck. I kept doing everything that I had learned but it was not working. So after thinking about things for some time – I decided to try doing everything that I thought would not work. I started using a different approach and refused to accept that I had tried everything. Within a month I broke one of the biggest stories in the city and country. I know this process works for anything you want to achieve – but remember – you have to stay persistent and continue despite setbacks.

Be Happy – Accomplish Your Dreams.