Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 24)

Thomas Edison went through ten thousand experiments before he figured out how to invent the light bulb. He stayed persistent, tried a different approach and never believed that he knew everything. If you want to be wealthy, think of all the things you have tried, and then focus on finding a solution by searching for things you have not tried. You may think a certain approach will not work but if you have not tried it – you do not know. Search for new solutions. Stay persistent and change your approach. To Accomplish Your Dreams, you have to believe that you can achieve your goal, believe that you can find the solution to achieve your goal and believe that you deserve to achieve your goals. Staying persistent and having a belief that you have tried everything and can not succeed is pointless – because your belief system is not in line with what you want to achieve.

Your subconscious mind picks up on your beliefs and creates your reality based on what you believe. So if you are persistent and believe that you have tried everything and can not succeed – then your subconscious is not going to direct you to new solutions and will only guide you to situations that will help you fail – after all, that is what you believe. What can you do to Accomplish Your Dreams of being a wealthy person?

You Must Change Your Beliefs.

If you are not achieving your goals and you are persistent – then your beliefs have to change. To do this, you may first change your thoughts and track your current thoughts and change those that do not work for you. For example: if you believe that you can not succeed and have tried everything tell yourself that there is something you need to try, or discover that will help you succeed. You need to tell yourself that you can achieve your goals – and that all you have to do is find the solution that will help you succeed. Push your mind to find a way to Accomplish Your Dreams and in the process you will instruct your subconscious mind to help you find the situations, people and events that will allow you to succeed.

If you do not believe there is a way – change that belief and regularly tell yourself that there is a way. Then, begin looking for a new way to Accomplish Your Dreams. Try a different approach. Be persistent – do not give up. If you give up – nothing changes and you never achieve the success that you want. Try a different approach. Keep an open mind. Be willing to learn something new. Do not believe that you know everything. Do not believe that you have tried everything. Focus on finding new solutions and stay persistent. Begin instructing your subconscious mind to help you find new ways to achieve your goals.

Every significant discovery that is recorded in history, can be traced to somebody’s search for excellence. To Accomplish Your Dreams, you must try today because you can not get much by starting tomorrow. Most people view the success as a matter of luck or having some kind of extra-ordinary ability. The fact is that if you take the time to study them you will notice that many of these folks are not that different than you and me. In many cases it was their determination or strong will not to give up that catapulted them to their achievement! Pursue your dreams at all costs.

To Accomplish Your Dreams, you may have to change your attitude to view the things. If you do not do it, you can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own. It is just a matter of paying attention to this miracle. Chance is always powerful. Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be a fish. We have all bad days that we wish we could take back. Sometimes it just seems that things just do not go our way. The missed opportunities seem to way heavy on our minds. Here is the wonderful part about that. After you go to sleep for the night at the very moment that you wake up you have another day to totally undo everything that might not have gone your way! However, for this to be most effective however you must truly believe as I do that each new day is another chance for success! Whether you believe it or not the fact remains that you were built for success. For that you were to try.

To Accomplish Your Dreams, you need to identify your own caliber. In what area, do you like to do the work? Pursue that vocation only. If you get dictation from other source or accept the job you are not interested it is very likely that you may not get success. There is a good deal of wasted talent in the world, and some of the waste forms from sheer ignorance. People simply do not know how to apply their energies. Somebody may beat you by outplaying you; he may beat you by out coaching; but nobody will ever beat you by outworking you. Remind yourself each day that you are a truly an amazing person! Make no mistake about it, each one of us has a unique talent. While it may not be as evident to some as others, rest assured it is there! The important thing is that it is up to us to help this talent to surface. While at the same time helping others to discover their own talents

To Accomplish Your Dreams, you must have long range goals to keep you from being frustrated by short range failures. Too much caution is bad for you. By avoiding things you fear, you may let yourself in for unhappy consequences. It is usually wiser to stand up to a scary-seeming experience and walk right into it, risking the bruises as hard knocks. You are likely to find it is not as tough as you had thought. Or you may find it plenty tough, but also discover you have what it takes to handle it.

Be Happy – You can become wealthy by concentrating upon your goals.