Accomplish Your Dreams (Part 66)

When we talk of our dreams, we imagine how to accomplish them – we draw strategy for the purpose, we explore and gather the resources, make out the team and we attempt to accomplish. In the whole process, we need to care for some principles, some methods and some virtues to have long terms success. A virtue is a particular quality of being that is the correct and most natural way of dealing with a particular aspect of reality. Almost all religions and secret societies have their own particular list of virtues that they would have you aspire towards. Such lists can act as a useful guide and reminder of how we can best live.
The various Human languages are distorted and incomplete maps of a beautiful and universal conceptual matrix. It is wonderfully symmetrical and interconnected. It is intimately related to every part of your life. Just as a small number of letters can combine to make countless words and just as all the myriad substances in the world are formed from a comparatively few chemical elements so all the concepts and situations, in their infinite variety, are made up from a limited number of simple conceptual elements. The branch of the universal matrix that we are oncerned with now is the virtue matrix. The universal matrix of virtues is the ideal blueprint for our character’s development. In fact our true nature, underneath the various false beliefs and rubbish, is identical to it. All the parables and teaching stories in the world are contained within it. By its’ very nature it is beyond dogma and sectarianism. It is, in short, the underlying unifying bridge which connects all spiritual and mundane schools of thought.

Whenever we reject a part of ourselves, it falls into semi-consciousness. Beliefs can only exist in semi-consciousness. Think for a minute and you will see that it is so. If you are truly aware of something, no beliefs about it form: you just experience it directly as it is. Throughout your life beliefs and hypnotic suggestions have been collecting in the areas of semi-consciousness within you. It is probable that right now you have many negative and false beliefs about yourself and the world around you. There are thousands of self help books that will tell you how to change your beliefs and teach you how to think positively. Most will produce positive effects in your life if you apply a little effort. Unfortunately the effects can be short lived: The root of the problem is missed. It is like chopping the tops of weeds or sculpting a hedge. In a while the weeds will grow back and the hedge will become untidy again. Nevertheless, clearing away the beliefs is a useful exercise in order to tackle the root: semi-consciousness which is caused by not accepting the various inner parts of ourselves. Some people cherish their own beliefs and opinions to such an extent that they ignore direct evidence to the contrary. They are not really interested in the truth as much as they are in defending their own beliefs. Such people fear the truth and often labor under thousands of negative and crippling attitudes and beliefs their whole lives leading to needless suffering.

The other type of person is loyal to the truth- whatever it might be- over their own beliefs etc. Such a person is humble enough to realize that they don’t know it all and has a natural curiosity about the world around them. If someone like this is proven wrong, they are not defensive: in fact they are delighted for it means they have moved closer to the truth. So what type of person are you? You are to decide.

If you wish to Accomplish Your Dreams, you need to relax and silently declare to yourself that you wish to let go of all false beliefs that you hold no matter how long you have held them or how much you may have cherished them. As you do this, visualize in your mind an appropriate picture which is symbolic of the inner cleansing that you are undertaking. For example, imagine your false beliefs as a wall that is then smashed down. You could imagine your false beliefs as darkness that is being replaced by the light of direct awareness or imagine all your beliefs on paper that is then burnt to pure ashes that blow away. If you feel unable or unwilling to let go of all your beliefs, just pick an area or a particular belief and work on that. Now, still relaxed, simply allow yourself to love Truth. Trust in it and be open to it. It is entirely beneficial and safe to do so. You can do this exercise any time silently and easily. Eventually it will no longer be necessary as you will have totally and naturally reintegrated the correct attitude into your everyday life.

The practice of letting go the false beliefs will dissolve away many barriers to your understanding and natural well being. Some beliefs will instantly dissipate. Others may take a little longer. Now that you have uplifted your attitude towards the truth you will be more open to logical persuasion and genuine evidence and you will be protected from those around you who would have you believing self limiting rubbish etc. Also, because you have reduced the false propaganda against various parts of yourself, you are in a much better position to accept and reintegrate them and it would be easy for you to Accomplish Your Dreams.

Be happy – Accomplish Your Dreams by carrying out an introspection of yourself.