Accomplish Your Dreams

Most of us love to find a way to attract more money, a right partner, a great job, a way to improve our business, enhance our prosperity, our social image and our mental peace. We do make efforts for that purpose but many times they do not succeed BECAUSE we do not fix our targets distinctly. So, first we need to decide what we want to attract… if we know or if we have an idea, we can draw our target oriented strategy. Yes, we can begin manifesting Wealth and abundance… while we relax…We need to get our mind and subconscious mind focused on creating wealth as we go about our day. In just weeks we will have the same thought patterns that allow the wealthy to build their fortunes. Now it’s our turn.

We May Change our Energy

To start attracting what we want, we need to change our energy. What we attract into our life is based on our personal energy. So if we don’t have the things we want – if we don’t have the money we want, if we don’t have the partner we want, if we don’t have the job we want – it’s only because we’re not developing the right energy. So we need to change that.

We are aware that everything in this world is made up of energy including us. Other people pick up on our energy. If it’s positive we’ll attract positive people into our life. If it’s negative, we’ll always attract negative people and negative situations into our life. We’ll attract what corresponds to our energy. Negative energy attracts negative situations. Positive energy attracts positive situations. It’s really that simple. So if we are not getting what we want – we’re sending out the wrong energy. We need to change our energy – and we’ll start getting what we want.

How can we do this?
Our energy is based on our thoughts and beliefs. Our subconscious mind picks up on our thoughts and beliefs and creates situations that reflect our thoughts and beliefs. People pick up our energy on a subconscious level. They’re not consciously aware of our energy but they just develop a feeling about we based on our energy. If we have negative energy we’ll attract negative people and negative situations. At the same time we’ll repel positive people and positive situations. A devastating combination especially if we want to create a positive and successful life.

If we constantly think of the worst, if we find that we’re regularly negative, if we don’t believe that we can ever achieve anything, if we don’t believe that anybody can be good, if we constantly complain, if we always see the worst in situations, if we regularly put others down, if we’re just a negative person we will develop negative energy and in the end we’ll only attract more negative situations into our life.

When we’re filled with negative energy we end up making our life miserable and make it just about impossible for us to achieve our goals and create the changes that we want. At the same time we will repel positive people and positive situations. So by being negative or by developing negative energy things will continue to get worse. Being negative is really a no-win situation. So what do we do? We need to change the way we see things and begin eliminating the negative thoughts and negative beliefs.

This will help change our energy so that we begin to attracting what we want. We need to focus on positive situations, understand that things will work out, look for solutions instead of complaining, be more understanding instead of getting angry, try to look at things from a different perspective, embrace changes and look for opportunities instead of focusing on the problems, and stop believing that the worst will happen.

As we change the way we think and see things we’ll begin to naturally attract more positive situations into our life. We are what we attract. And if we’re not getting what we want out of life it’s time to change the way we think and act then only will we be able to change our energy and attract better, positive situations into our life while creating and attracting what we want. During the day we should observe how we respond to situations, see how we react to things we don’t like, or just to situations in general. We need to pay attention to the comments we make to friends, colleagues and relatives. Are they positive or negative? Do they always point out the negative? Do they complain or think of the worst?

Now, we should look on ourselves. If something goes wrong do we get angry, blame somebody, or have a series of negative thoughts? Or do we focus on a solution, accept responsibility and create the changes that we want? If we find that we have a negative reaction then we’re only creating more negative energy and attracting more negative situations. We should start changing how we think. We must create positive thoughts and positive beliefs. We must focus on finding solutions and we shall begin attracting more positive situations into our life. The sooner we begin, the sooner we will see improvements. As we continue doing what I am sure that the changes will happen faster.

Take Positive Action

Next change, our actions and how we respond to situations. Even, the most subtle negative behavior and negative responses can create negative situations in our life. Before we know it we are taking negative actions and getting negative results. And that’s not what we want. Instead, we must take steps to be nice and we would attract nice or positive situations. For example: If we find out that a colleague gets a promotion and we get upset, angry, or resentful then we are really creating more negative energy and will continue to attract situations that will keep making us angry. What we’re really saying is that we don’t like promotions; at least that’s the energy that we’re sending out. Now, we remember on a subconscious level other people will pick up on our energy including our bosses. If they feel that I don’t like promotions and don’t have a positive attitude toward promotions why would they give me one?

But if I were to wish the person who got the promotion all the luck and support them, then I would attract something similar. I would be creating positive energy that would attract more positive situations. We only attract what we are. If we’re not kind, thoughtful, understanding, supportive and encouraging we simply won’t attract great people with those qualities.

Truly, we need to make it a daily habit to look for the positive qualities in people that we interact with. We need to begin changing the way we see things. We must start being the kind of person we want others to be. We should take time to be nice and look for positive situations in people and in all situations. Your subconscious mind will then begin to attract all that you want in life and more.

This is not something to take lightly. Studies have shown that those who are more positive, kinder and more considerate stand a better chance of achieving their goals and are more likely to live fulfilling lives. We need to stop being negative. We need to take positive actions. We need to search for solutions. We need to look at things differently. We need to search for the good in people. We need to take time to be complimentary and positive.

We can create a better life. We can attract what we want. We have the power and ability to do anything we want. We must begin changing our energy and begin creating the life that we want. We must stop defeating ourselves, we must stop limiting ourselves. We must create all the success we want and deserve in life. Be Happy – we must accomplish our dreams just by changing our attitude.