You May Try Feng Shui.

Feng shui, literally translates as “wind-water” in English, is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both astronomy and geography to help one improve life by receiving positive qi, known as an active principle forming part of any living thing in Chinese culture. The original designation for the discipline is Kan Yu literally meaning Tao of heaven and earth.Traditional Feng shui practice always requires an extremely accurate Chinese compass, or luo pan, in order to determine the directions in finding any auspicious sector in a desired location.

Qi means air and in Feng shui, Qi means flow of energy. Most modern practitioners of Feng shui promise positive benefits on its practitioners and prescribe a host of principles, which involve personal practice as well as physical application – ordering the place and position of rooms, houses, gardens, water sources, for instance – to derive maximum benefit. There are several products and prescriptions in the market which are generally believed to fetch the user with exceedingly good fortune.

Quen yin: Popularly known as travel-safe card, this red and golden card is designed especially for journeys, which one can also use regularly. The border of this card is beautifully decorated with Buddhist icons and symbols. According to Feng shui experts, these symbols represent good luck. Quen yin not only gives one protection but also mental peace combined with positive energy, experts say.

Elephant chain hou: We all know that an elephant symbolizes power and justice, that’s why it occupies pride of position in Buddhism. This elephant chain hou is special as it contains not only the power of elephant, but a tortoise riding upon its back, with is known as a symbol of money. Elephant trunk also symbolizes good luck. This Feng shui product is believed to increase money in the house. For good results one may place it in the bedroom and/or study room of office.

P Yao: Also known as the ninth child of dragon, it looks like a lion but its head is that of a dragon. In Chinese legends, P Yao is depicted as a brave warrior but he broke a rule in heaven and was thus cursed to eat only gold and silver. Chinese people think it gives money from all directions. It is also believed to save us from diseases and disasters. Feng shui calls it as a god of lottery. If you have a hobby to purchase lottery tickets, just fold them and place them inside P Yao’s mouth then sit back and await the results! If you are facing any trouble in home-shifting or in your old home, it diminishes all hardships.

Mystic knot pendant: this pendant is from eight Buddhist symbols that are thought to remove all worries and giving us a long, healthy life. According to Chinese tradition, wearing of gold jewellery bestows good luck. And if this pendant is added to that, then the yields will be magnified. This is best worn with 18-carat of gold. This mystic knot pendant symbolizes success and love. You can wear a diamond mystic knot pendant for good luck.

Lucky mongoose: placed either in the house or at a business establishment, it gives good luck and better health. It is akin to lord Kuber (Hindu god of wealth). You can place this product in southeast direction.

Z fire crackers: Has the power to convert negative energy into positive and bad future into good. It has green-coloured stones which are for long life and wealth. One may wear it as a pendant, also. While gardening or planting trees, if one wears it, is supposed to give good health to tree. Place in south-east direction in shops or business establishments.

Infinity: Gives happiness and a healthy & prosperous life – also helps in removing negative energy and removes all the bitterness and improves relationships. Good for career growth.

Hong-Bao: It is an envelope of red colour. But it is good, only when you receive as a gift on some good occasions with money inside it. Then, you may place it in your locker where you keep all your cash and jewellery, make a wish and keep this envelope. When you achieve your wish burn it and keep another hong with a new wish! It is known as the best wedding gift. It brings good luck for all.

Golden money cat: Feng shui experts give it the designation of a banker. As the name signifies, it is of a banker. As the name signifies, it is of golden colour and gives money, as well as protection. It is said that its claws have the capacity to retain luck. Chinese businessman place it in their business establishments for good luck. A Feng shui expert says that one should keep this mounted atop the highest piece of furniture in the business establishment.

Feng shui all the way

  • Feng shui products are believed to increase money in the house.
  • Feng shui diminishes the affect of negativity, troubles and hardships if used the right way
  • Feng shui products are known to have some healing effects not only on the body but also on the soul

It is believed that Feng shui brings good luck and increases love in the family. God may bless you! Be Happy – You may try Feng shui.