Acquire Appropriate Education.

Today, we mean education as a means to get a job. Actually, this definition of education has been etched in our brains since our childhood. Even while studying, children start aiming for a job. Parents too educate children only so that after finishing their education, they may get a good job to ensure secured income every month to lead a carefree life.
With ever growing population all over the world, the chances of getting job have been reducing drastically and today, even developed countries face the problem of unemployment in the youth section of the society. Millions of students complete their education every year but do not get proper employment due to lack of skills and unavailability of the matching jobs. We observe that with the vacancy falling for one or two persons, there are hundreds of applicants on the door. Naturally, after filling in, the employer has to turn out the rest. To keep themselves busy, they carry on their education or compromise with lower salary on account of the inferior job they have to accept and ultimately get frustrated.
The biggest problem of such frustrated people is the mental dissatisfaction. While they dream for a senior position in some government department, they do not get even a respectful job in a private office for the reason that they are not well qualified or the appropriate jobs are limited. The present education system does not teach them to acquire new skills which may help them to lead a good life at their own if they are not able to get any suitable job. It is an irony that in spite of the all the experiences in their personal life, the parents do not feel responsible to get their children equipped with some technical knowledge so that on maturity, their children may be able to face the complex problem of not getting the proper employment. Inferiority complex engulfs them and they feel suffocated. For most of their energyful time, they chase a mirage and after getting old, they are forced to face frustration. This is the problem of not one or two individuals but the society at large mostly in developing and underdeveloped countries.
In the childhood, the body and the mind are not developed enough for a child to think after earning a living. But that is time when one is required to focus on developing strength of the body and increasing mental ability. In this direction, proper education is required from the very beginning. But that should not be initiated with the sole aim of getting some job. At that time, it must be of prime importance how independence in earning and leading a good life is ensured in due course of time for a child.
Today, cottage sector offers a lot of scope for development of skills almost in every country if that is technically updated from time to time and proper financial and market support is extended to the entrepreneurs. It is true that with the industrialization, the production of every item goes on in bulk quantity but that destroys the opportunities of the employment of the mass on the floor in addition to the involvement of heavy capital costs in machinery, land, building and other infrastructure. Interests on loans, and breakages, thefts, damages etc. also add up to the costs which can be avoided through the development of cottage sector. Where precision is required, we can set up common facilities centres at cluster levels.
In the name of business, primarily all that is done is to put up a shop to sell manufactured items. This process can not provide solution to the unemployment on the large scale, as sales do provide employment to very small numbers of people whereas development of strong production base through cottage sector gives opportunity to the larger section. One thousand shops in a town can provide employment to a group of two thousand persons – one employer and one employee per shop. But one thousand factories can provide employment to the millions.
In addition to the cottage industry, agriculture and animal husbandry are two such industries where you can go in with lower investment. Now-a-days, carpentry and blacksmithing provides a lot of scope to develop. For sometime, we have been observing an upsurge in manufacturing of bricks and tiles to meet the demand of construction industry.
In old times, education was rendered in some ashrams, like hostels of the modern age and where bookish knowledge was lesser than the practical knowledge. Bookish knowledge gives you insights of theory but action upon such education is possible through only practical working. I appeal to those personalities who frame education policy, that they must review the syllabus of all classes and drop those topics which are never implemented in the real life. We find that in the crammed curriculum followed in the schools, many important topics get left out while lots of futile nonsense gets stuffed in the brains of the youngsters. What is learnt and taught should be useful even if one does not get a job.
So far we have been concentrating over the economic purposes of the getting education. An appropriate education cultivates the skills of getting economic freedom. But education has another important role in our life – that is character building. Resolution of complexities in personal and social life should be accomplished through education. It should nurture the qualities of good social life in the students so that they should be a civilized citizen of tomorrow.
The land where one is born and brought up is akin to one’s mother. Just how one serves the mother, it is also a duty to serve one’s motherland. Surely there are numerous sources of livelihood where one is born. Cities are becoming costlier, dirtier, more unhygienic and centres of evil intentions. If villagers remain settled in their villages, they can improve their position there itself. Migration of educated people from motherland to other places means brain drain and it is not true service to your motherland or I may say true service to your own mother who gave you birth.
You must acquire appropriate education for you, if you still wish to get and/or for your children :
1. which may ensure financial independence,
2. which may ensure character building,
3. which may teach why and how to love the motherland,
4. which may build up character,
5. which may give a chance to live in a hostel for some time to explore out maturity in the young age and give practical experience of life.
Be Happy – Acquire Appropriate Education.