Adopt Spirituality with Social Compatibility

Spirituality does not mean that you are thinking about God, liberation and other matters relating thereto. But the thought itself can never be spiritual; it is a psychological process. Similarly, mind, body and emotions are different dimensions of life. There is nothing right or wrong abut them. It all depends on how you use them – but they cannot be spiritual.

Spirituality does not belong to the physical area. It is a dimension beyond the integrated mechanism of body, mind, emotion and physical energy. A human being is just a combination of the five elements: water, earth, air, fire and space. But this combination has so beautifully been constructed that it is complete by itself. Because of its integrity, it looks absolutely individual right now. Sometime, we forget the Creator and still it goes on. The problem is, once we realise the perfection of what this is, we forget God and will lean on something else. If we just want to cross the limitations of our existence, if we just want to enjoy the freedom and bliss of it, all it takes is an intense focus towards any one thing. This is not possible for people who are doing too many jobs but want to get somewhere, we will have to stick to one thing. People who are highly intellectual, are socially incompatible. Those who are absolutely devoted, they are also socially incompatible. People who are totally in service, they are socially incompatible. Those who are too much on energy, they are also socially incompatible.

There are four dimensions of yoga: Enlightenment (gyana), Devotion (bhakti), Action (karma) and Process(kriya). If these four dimensions are handled in even balance, we can attain the height of experience and yet be socially compatible. If we have to go beyond the barriers of what is considered normal and still be socially compatible, it is important that our body, mind, emotion and energy are evenly cultivated. Only then, we can be fully blissful and still be efficient and capable in everything that we do.

Once this is achieved, there is tremendous freedom to create anything that we want around us or within us or anywhere in the world because the very fundamentals of life are in our hands. Suddenly, there is no more limitation of time and space. If this capability has to come, the first thing is to get into ecstatic states, absolutely mindless ecstasy. Those who are not willing to work to achieve ecstasy choose alcohol or drugs. If people create some sense of freedom chemically or by other external means, you will notice when they don’t have that support, they become utterly miserable. If people just escape by chance, if they have not built their own ladder to climb at will, they get psychologically broken.

The essence of the spiritual process needs to be understood as intensity to break the limitations of body and mind so that we are out of our individual nature. Enlightenment is beyond logic. There is nothing, so you cannot ruin it. When there is nothing, then everything flows through you. Whatever has to happen in this existence, it has to flow through you; you become the gateway. If you have the inclination, existence is within your grasp. You can explore almost everything. Be Happy – You can adopt spirituality while remaining socially compatible.