Replace Your Medicines With Nutrients

Believe me, you will be more happy once you replace your medicines with appropriate nutrients. Today, after experiencing and experimenting a number of medical systems (or pathies) prevalent in different parts of the world, I came to a conclusion that the doctors are disease-centric. They are taught about the nature of the disease(es), how they originate and how they are cured. In medical colleges, they are trained in the science of medicines, how the medicines are adopted by our body, to what extent they are accepted, what portion of those medicines are rejected by our body, what kind of side-effects such medicines can make to our body instead of curing our original disease. The doctorsare made to know how the medicines create some chemical changes in our body, they study their merits and demerits, make their balancing with particular features of our body and recommend to us to take such and such medicines for curing our disease.

You know, since the doctors are taught medical sciences, they know what medicine should be prescribed for a particular disease. They do not hesitate to prescribe them – after they get some tests if they feel necessary. Some of us who are patients of Low Blood Pressure/High Blood Pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, heart attacks etc. etc. are taking a number of medicines all the day long. Even in this century too, medical science has continued research to attack upon the diseases,getting new medicines, new formulations. Perhaps more than US$ 78.9 billion were spent on medicines in 1997 by the US citizens and this expenditure is going up @ 17% per annum. The pharmacy Companies are happy to know that the medical scientists are helping to enhance their business by concentrating on the medicines only.

We all need good health and feel that we would remain healthy if we take medical consultation from time to time and implement that consultation timely. But the bare truth is that we are not getting healthy but we are being experimented upon how a disease is cured. Research is made and we are prescribed a particular course how and what medicines are to be taken. If we take care that we should not get ill, it would be easier than to become ill. None suggests us how we should remain healthy. I thought and found that in case I undertake some precautions, my financial expenses/wastage of time etc. on the precautions are just not more than 1% of the expenses incurred by an average person on his disease. God has made our body so beautiful that it cures itself if we follow the rules of proper maintaining. But we do not care- we are running and running for one target after another and another – forgetting that our body needs some relax, some supplements and some recreation too. We are taking our meals, some time half cooked or without caring for the quality of the ingredients and some time, without giving proper time to digest or sometime galloping it down without gnawing as we are short of time.

No, it is no way of living our life. God did not prescribe as such. We must follow proper schedule of our working – we should fix up our priorities, we must coordinate our working with those factors which are to play an important role in our system, we must have regular meals with proper nutrients to supplement the requirement according to our work schedule/our activity. We can replace our medicines with them and we would remain happy by doing so. We should not permit any disease to begin – we must take action to prevent that’s occurrence by improving our working system and supplementing our meals with appropriate nutrients from time to time.