Adventure in Your Life Can Make You Happy

If we keep some water stored somewhere for sometime, the stagnancy in its movement can reduce its utility. Why do we designate the water of flowing river superior to the water stored in a pond? The continuous flow makes the water fresh. Similarly, we need to have some changes from time to time. In wake of such changes, we sort out which change gives us more security. We need to balance both security and insecurity. I have seen people who always look for risk. They believe higher risk brings back higher gains. They are found usually uncomfortable with secured business. For better results, you may agree that the spirit of adventure should be included in your life. Truth has to be searched for. In a search nothing is guaranteed. The only thing that is guaranteed is a beautiful adventure that helps you learn the art of both accepting and rejecting. Then, you would be able to filter many things in life.
However, over-indulgence in adventures is not recommended. If you are getting burnt out, then something in you asks you to slow down. You must concentrate to know what you are and what you are meant for. While performing your duties you have undertaken, you must filter what is not essential and what is required essentially.

There is a god in us who speaks, but our mind is noisy and we cannot hear the divine speaking. When you are inwardly silent and addictive thoughts are absent, the silence and the meditative energies that emerge will heal you. Meditation does not mean that you are sitting idle and trying to concentrate through any medium. Your simple walking can be your meditation, sitting is meditation, and drinking tea is meditation if at that time, no other irrelevant thoughts are attracting you.

Most often, the burnt-out feeling is from your thoughts, which signal that you are burnt out. Bring a meditative quality in your thoughts. Watch out not to use words which are self-defeating. Bring in the quality of joy in whatever you do. Allow your actions to flow from the ‘higher self.’ The ‘higher self’ guides you when to slow down.

Learn the art of relaxation. After a long run, sit under a tree, feel the miracle of your body, the dance of your body, the dance of your breath, the music of your heart beat, the gentle kiss of the breeze… the quintessence is in being relaxed, being at ease with oneself. Whatever you do, let your center be calm, silent and relaxed. Act from this energy field. Let action emerge from silence. The nature of your ‘higher self’ is silence, peace… while that of the ‘lower self’ is restlessness and ambition.

Flower gives fragrance unconditionally, so let us also operate from unconditional love. All great masters inspire us to live in abundance but not in scarcity. Be total and not fragmented. Live to the maximum and not the minimum. Let your ‘presence’ reach others and shower them with fullness.

Real growth happens when you trust and operate from the ‘higher self’. This ‘higher self’ is a flow, a learning being that enjoys the given moment in totality. Unfortunately, we trust our ‘lower self’ that is authoritative, rigid, and non-supportive. It is a victim of likes and dislikes. Growth happens when you negate the ‘lower self’ and are centered in the ‘higher self’. Your ‘higher self’ is an evolving being through which you come in touch which you come in touch with a mystic flower in you.

A courageous person explores the unknown with or without fear or in spite of fear, whereas a non-courageous person is stopped by fear. Respect what you know and have courage to explore the unknown. The courage of a spiritual seeker is different from the courage of a soldier. The spiritual seeker drops his mind and explores the heart… it is a flight from the head to the heart… has courage to accept even death as he knows the art of living involves the art of dying. By accepting death, he has accepted life in totality.

To accept both life and death gracefully requires courage. Failure is a shadow of the ego. With this understanding, life becomes magical. The hidden secrets of life flow in us. One cannot succeed against the whole. One’s success is the success of the whole. In fact, one becomes the whole. Such feelings can be brought about in your life once you forget about your own interests and think about the humanity as a whole so that you work more for the welfare of the society than for yourself. It is the adventure in true sense.

Be Happy – Adventure in Your Life Can Make You Happy