Identify The Energies Within You

Are you aware? You have got peace, violence, delusion, misunderstanding and compassion deeply seated within your heart and these elements may grow in their dimensions depending how you touch them in your life everyday. If you seriously identify the causes of their growth, you can neutralize and transform violence and anger to love. Choose the right environment and water positive thoughts everyday. Once you recognize the right energies you will find easy how to take care of them.
In your routine life, you may meet some people who plead that their thoughts are correct. Even they may like to prevail upon you. It may be possible that you can become fanatical and create a lot of suffering, if you follow them without considering whether their statements are correct or not. If you exercise your own wisdom in right perspective, you may be able to choose what is wrong or right for you.

Looking at the nature of things, you can come closer to the truth. To climb to the sixth step, naturally you have to abandon the fifth and this can be done with non-attachment. If I say you to feel the presence of the Moon up above in the sky, I am just use the finger pointing to the Moon. If you think my finger is the Moon, you are misled. A scientist needs to be non-attached as well because only if he is not attached to one truth, he can’t find another. Truth is not contained in concepts and ideologies; truth can only be found in life. Holy scriptures are only the residues… When you strike a match and the flame is created, the flame consumes the match. The raft is not the shore; it is only an instrument to reach the shore. Your own exploration is the raft.

Don’t we have to stay attached to the dictated values?

Detach yourself from others’ views; don’t get carried away by them. Compassion is not a view. It makes you feel good; it helps you connect with other people peacefully. You have to be understanding and care deeply. Understanding is a value. Values are always there.

How to live in harmony with nature?

When we live mindfully, we are aware of what is going on in and around us. With thoughtful breathing, you can bring your mind to the here and now. You are made of elements found in nature. You are made of five elements available in everything in the universe and that is in you.

With mindfulness, you can see the cloud nearby you. No cloud, no rain. No rain, no trees, no existence! So, too, when I touch myself I touch energy or you can say it is sunshine for no trees can grow without sunshine. When you know that you have the cosmos in you, you may like to ensure better utilization thereof and you will be in harmony with nature.

How to deal with despair?

We people are deeply concerned with Global warming. Today it is a big challenge. Many of us feel despair… so that even before the tragedy manifests, we are dead! Everything is impermanent. Keep hope alive. Don’t lose courage. Our civilization may come to an end – whether sooner or later depends on us as to how we are harnessing the resources of the nature. The earth will go on, as it has recovered from meteorite hits and other sufferings in the past. New civilizations might evolve after millions of years. Similarly, our desperation may go away if we take it that it is created by us and we are responsible for their existence. We must try to eliminate it from the root itself.

Sometimes why do you turn violent?

Even in company with a Saint, you need good teaching and practice. A saint can act like others if he has not enough compassion in him. If you are a real practitioner, you know that violence. Many terrorists are born in good families; they have a good education. They might be victims of wrong perceptions created by lack of communication. Terrorism is rooted in misconceptions; through dialogue, deep listening and understanding, we can remove hate, anger and misconceptions.

Wrong conception about Ahimsa!

Human beings are supposed to live and let others live. Ahimsa or non-violence does not mean non-slaughtering of animals or blood-shedding. It means that by adopting Ahimsa or non-violence, you are not going to hurt any one in any terms. If you hurt anyone emotionally without any reason, you are exercising violence with him/her. Why so? Just imagine if you were there being victimized for no fault at your end, in place of the person you are scolding or hurting – what will you be thinking? You must immediately give up your violent action. May be your politeness be misunderstood for the time being but no, you will at least be sure that you are not committing any mistake by giving up undue violence. If someone deserves your violent treatment, you must think if your forgiveness can solve your purpose. Please think again.

Just you need to identify the right energies within you and crush all the evils, you will find the heaven nearby you at all the times.

Be Happy – Identify The Energies Within You