Aligning Your Menstrual Cycle to Your Fitness Journey

Aligning Your Menstrual Cycle to Your Fitness Journey :The rise of low-impact exercises have recently become a viral sensation and Bailey Brown is no stranger to the industry. Bailey Brown is a fitness expert who has long been renowned in the pilates space.

In recent months, however, Bailey Brown became a leader in the wider low-impact-exercise movement when she launched the Align Your Cycle program and App. Align Your Cycle is a never-before seen approach to fitness. It’s a program designed to follow the physical needs of the female body according to the phases of the menstrual cycle. With Align, Bailey Brown invites subscribers to connect with their body, and understand its natural rhythms, in order to thrive in all seasons of the menstrual cycle. The program is designed for one to jump straight in, no matter where they may be in their cycle. Align Your Cycle is virtually streamed, and not only is it revolutionizing low-impact fitness for women, but it is also proposing a more luxurious, elevated way in which to engage with pilates.

From the website to the videos, to the social media platforms, engagement, events and classes themselves, Align Your Cycle is all about manifesting luxury. The all white activewear sets and mats used at Align in-person classes, including the recent Align rooftop and pool-side event held at the five-star hotel in Santa Monica, California — The Proper Hotel — communicates the curated experience intended by founder Bailey Brown. “I had such a vision in mind of the experience I wanted to create” shared Bailey in an interview with Women Fitness Magazine. But in this case, luxury goes beyond the material. “I really wanted to bring together inspiring women in a way that would allow them to celebrate themselves as women, feel confident in their bodies, and leave feeling refreshed and energized”, she adds while talking about the mission of the Align Your Cycle experience. And that’s really it, Align Your Cycle is about the feeling of luxury of living within one’s own skin, and the luxurious feeling of being both in control of, and in tune with, your body. The emphasis on this concept came after a very, not luxurious experience lived by Bailey.

“Last year I started to gain weight really quickly. Not only that, but my skin was breaking out, I was constantly bloated, and suffering from anxiety and mood swings”, shares Bailey as she remembers the frustration from this time. “It felt like my body was fighting against me. It turned out, I was suffering from various hormonal imbalances that were making it nearly impossible to lose weight, no matter how hard I exercised, or how little I ate”, she adds. When Bailey Brown started to gain weight, experience breakouts, and face mood swings, with no explanation or solution in sight, she tried everything from boot camps to intermittent fasting. Bailey describes this as an extremely overwhelming time, where she felt completely out of tune with her body. She mentions that she felt discouraged, frustrated and began to lose access to the luxury of having a balanced mind-and-body connection. It wasn’t until Bailey got her hormones tested that she found a variety of imbalances as a result of under-eating and over-exercising.

“I started to learn everything I could about women’s hormones and discovered cycle syncing. As women, our hormones fluctuate each month, creating four phases of our cycle. In each phase different workouts are going to impact our bodies differently. When I started to change my workouts to the ones that would support my body in each phase of my cycle, and started to make nutrition and lifestyle changes that supported my hormones, it allowed me to find balance with my body and feel more connected to myself than ever before” she explains, going on to describe how drastically her life changed for the better. That’s when she realized how big of a luxury it is to feel empowered by, and with, your own body. Bailey understood that every woman has the right, and should have access to this magnificent luxury, and that is when she developed a guide to working with your body throughout its four different phases. That guide became the Align Your Cycle program. Align Your Cycle is all about bringing women together to help them reach one of life’s most empowering luxuries, getting in tune with their minds and bodies.

“Align Your Cycle, is a program with workouts and nutrition guidance for each phase of your cycle. It is a great program to start working with your body and hormones as a woman” — Bailey Brown

Bailey Brown
Bailey Brown

Today, women across the globe have the opportunity to for the first time, shape their fitness journeys to the 28-day menstrual cycle that their bodies endure. Women across the globe have the opportunity to experience the luxury of working with their bodies instead of against them when participating in exercise practices. Whether it’s pilates or any other form of exercise, Bailey Brown is introducing a massive new concept to the fitness industry; which is to consider women’s bodies along with men’s bodies when conducting research, developing programs, creating fitness practices, and more. With Align, Bailey is using her voice to broadcast the importance of the menstrual cycle in relation to exercise. Bailey Brown uses Align as a platform for all women to virtually participate in a luxurious experience with their bodies. With Align, Bailey Brown invites women to undergo a journey where they become in tune with their bodies and enjoy the power of empowering the menstrual cycle. Align honors the female body.

Bailey Brown’s holistic approach to healing and experiencing the luxury of strengthening the mind-body connection is revolutionizing the health and wellness industry. Her energizing and uplifting classes are infused with motivation, positivity and self-love through pilates movements. She continues to help women by providing nutritional guidance, lifestyle activities, and mindset tips that help women live in alignment with their cycle. Whether you are experienced at pilates or just starting out, you’ll find adjustments and modifications throughout the program to suit you and your body, so you can experience one of life’s most empowering luxuries.





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Aligning Your Menstrual Cycle to Your Fitness Journey

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