What Do Women Business Travelers Look For in a Hotel Room?

What Do Women Business Travelers Look For in a Hotel Room? : A romantic view? Probably not. A large flat-screen TV? Probably not. Good shampoo? No.

Women business travelers want to feel secure in their rooms and work without being interrupted. They don’t want to walk 5 blocks in the dark just to eat dinner and instead want to be able to call the front desk and have what they need delivered right to their door regardless of the time of the day. It is how they manage to remain focused on the bigger picture and how they accomplish things even when on the road.

If you are a woman that regularly travels solo, here are 8 tips from My Hotel Break for ensuring that you are safe, comfortable, and ready for business:

  1. Ensure It Has Positive Reviews

    A great place to start your hotel search is TripAdvisor. Filter hotel reviews so that you only see those submitted by business travelers or solo travelers. Check the negative reviews first to see whether you can find a common theme. If solo travelers report that doors don’t have a second lock or business travelers complain of unreliable internet, these are definitely deal breakers and you should look elsewhere.

  2. Find a Hotel That Offers Everything

    A hotel with a bar, restaurant, meeting rooms, and coffee shop allows you to do things efficiently. Use the meeting room as a neutral space for conducting business while the restaurant can be an easy-to-access location for a dinner meeting. Stateside business hotels such as Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown as well as International hotels such as Johannesburg’s The Maslow perfectly understand this need.

  3. Look for a Hotel Brand That’s Female-Friendly

    Everyone forgets to pack something when traveling. Fortunately, hotels are now stepping up to the plate. The Hyatt Has It program, for example, offers complimentary products such as deodorant, Woolite, hairspray, straighteners and curling irons to borrow. They can even lend you tea kettles, laptop and phone chargers, yoga mats, and more.

  4. Private Drivers and Complimentary Shuttle Services

    If the hotel offers this kind of service, there won’t be any need for you to worry about having to rent a car, parking, or even driving it streets that may be unfamiliar to you because all these things can be an inefficient use of your precious time.

    Furthermore, if you are attending a business event that will likely run into the night, it is possible to make arrangements for a pickup to avoid walking home alone or waiting outside. Finally, it is now much easier to get to and from the airport.

  5. Check for Free Unlimited Wi-Fi

    At the top of your must-have list should be unlimited in-room Wi-Fi access. Some of the hotels have a cap on daily usage. Make sure that you choose a hotel with unlimited Wi-Fi access to avoid unexpected fees.

  6. Check for In-Room Phone

    A new trend in “hip” hotels is removing basic amenities such as in-room phones. As a female business traveler, having a phone in the hotel room can be quite the time-saver if you need to ask the front desk a question and it is definitely handy in case of an emergency in your room.

  7. Research the Neighborhood

    Book a hotel that’s in close proximity to your meetings, but you should also be cognizant of the neighborhood. For instance, financial districts are usually not the best places to be staying in. People don’t usually live in that part of town, which means that the streets are usually eerily empty after the end of the business day.

  8. Find a Hotel with a Secure Lobby and Room-Key Activated Elevators

    Find a hotel where rooms can only be accessed through a secure, properly-lit lobby. Try finding a place that’s always staffed with lobby attendants that recognize everybody who is either coming or going. An active room key should be required to access to guest floors to ensure that the only people with access are guests.




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What Do Women Business Travelers Look For in a Hotel Room?

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