All You Need To Know About Rubies

All You Need To Know About Rubies : The Ruby Stone is among the world’s most precious and popular stones. The Ruby stone in its redness and hardness is referred to as the king of precious stones. It is really beautiful and has mystical powers. In this article, we will explore about Ruby’s history, cultural meaning and different common cutting styles.

History of Ruby

History records that Rubies were first discovered in 2500 B.C, in Mogok, Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. It was culturally believed then, that Rubies hold the powers of life and deeply represent emotions in their strongest forms; like love, fury, rage, anger, and ardour.

The Roman Scholar, Pliny, commented in his Classic Nome, “Natural History” that the colour of the Ruby Precious Stone describes a gentle fire with a brilliant lustre.

Nowadays, there are not only natural rubies but also lab-created rubies on the market. Made in laboratories, these lab-grown rubies, like the ones on, are more ethical and eco-friendly than their natural counter-parts.

Meaning of Ruby

The Ruby Precious Stone is popularly known as the July Birthstone. Over time, the gem has been given various kinds of meaning by people who have attached importance to it. It is a stone believed to bring happiness, joy and passion into the life of the bearer. It could serve as a source of energy to the body and spiritual vitality.

Also, the Ruby Precious Stone possesses a vibrant, fiery, and sparkling red colour, thus representing romantic love. French jewellers referred to the ruby precious stone as the “dearly beloved stone”.

It is believed that by wearing the ruby precious stone, you would be able to embrace your strength, work on your weaknesses and enjoy your potential.

What Does Ruby Symbolize?

What Does Ruby Symbolize?
What Does Ruby Symbolize?


The blood-coloured stone symbolizes protection. It offers preservation from all perils, evils, and storms.


The Ruby Precious Stone symbolizes success. It is a gem that is believed to increase wealth.

Love and Passion

Ruby symbolizes love and passion due to its bright and vibrant red hue. Red is popularly known to symbolize strong love and passion.

Wisdom and Beauty

Wisdom is beauty and the ruby precious stone suggests a very beautiful, delicate, and alluring stone when it is sighted.


Because it is a very special and precious stone, ruby is seen as a stone worthy of royals and nobles. It is referred to as the king of stones, second to diamonds alone.


The Ruby Precious is a symbol of innocence and purity. It emphasizes the purest of all emotions.

Ruby Formation and Origin

Ruby has a natural formation under the earth’s surface.  It is formed from oxygen that is densely packed and atoms from aluminium. This is known as a conundrum or aluminium oxide which takes on a colourless form when exposed to extreme heat or pressure.

The Ruby Stone takes on a sparkling deep and vibrant red colour when there is the presence of chromium. However, the amount of chromium and ferric iron present result in rare orange and pink shades of ruby.

Common Shapes of Ruby

Common Shapes of Ruby
Common Shapes of Ruby

Rubies come in various shapes. It could be round, triangular, emerald-cut, or pear. We will examine four cuts of Rubies namely: step-cut, brilliant-cut, mixed-cut and cabochon-cut.

  • Step-cut: The step-cut ruby visually looks like an ascending staircase that is symmetric. The corners are often softened or rounded to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged because it has sharp and small points. It is also known as the Emerald-cut.
  • Brilliant-cut: This cut is triangular and they are cut symmetrically to enable the ruby to draw light in them. Rubies with cuts like this usually have about 58 facets.
  • Mixed-cut: Combining the brilliant-cut and step-cut results into the mixed cut. It is the most common cut for rubies. It is commonly used to maximise the sparkle and colour of rubies.
  • Cabochon-cut: Rubies that are cut like this have a dome shape with a flat bottom. This type of cut is very easy to form as well as the cheapest cut available.

Rubies hold a special meaning for many people. It is known to be the birthstone for people born in July. As a birthstone, it is said to bring about good luck and protection. It also establishes the fact that people born in July have a fiery attribute of passion, power, courage, and love. It displays the outgoing personality of the July-born.




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All You Need To Know About Rubies

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