Amazingly Fun Valentine’s Day Activities for Children

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday that is celebrated by lots of people all over the world. It has become a tradition to spend this romantic day with our sweethearts, give presents and express our love to each other. Do you know that kids are also looking forward to this fantastic holiday? They will be so happy to enjoy the festive and cheerful moments of Valentine’s Day with their parents and friends. This year, on the 14th of February you’ll have a nice opportunity to throw an amazing Valentine’s Day party for your children. Think of the most entertaining and funny activities you can suggest to the kids. I would recommend you to try the following simple and cheerful amusements for your kids Valentine’s Day party. They will certainly make this event unforgettable.


1. Hunting for Hearts

Hunting for Hearts

If you are searching for a good idea to entertain your children on this day, hunting for hearts is a perfect choice for you. Prepare paper or candy hearts and hide them in a room. Divide the kids into two teams, let them find those hearts and collect into a small bag. The team with a big amount of hearts will be a winner. It would be a splendid idea to give small presents to the participants.


2. Counting the Ways I Love You

Counting the Ways I Love You

Let your kids think a bit, while having fun. Take a jar and put a certain number of candy hearts into it. Write down their amount on a sheet of paper. The children should look at the jar and guess the number of hearts in it. The one who says true number or the closest to it will be the winner. The candy hearts can be the prize for this activity.


3. Stick the Heart on Cupid

Stick the Heart on Cupid

I must say that lots of children love this interesting Valentine’s Day amusement. Besides, you don’t need any special preparations for it. Just take a picture of Cupid and hang it on a wall so that it can be reachable for your kids. Make small paper hearts and add some sticky tack to their back side. Lead the children blindfold to Cupid and tell them to pin a heart near the arrow. The kid whose heart is the closest to the target will win this contest.


4. The Other Piece of My Heart

The Other Piece of My Heart

No doubt that this activity will bring only joy and positive emotions to your little ones. You should prepare colorful paper hearts and cut each of them into two parts. Make sure that those parts have different types of lines. Provide each child with a piece of heart and tell them to find the partner with the matching half of their heart. It will be really exciting!


5. Taste Candies

Taste Candies

Valentine’s Day is usually associated with lots of hearts and candies. It’s difficult to find children who don’t like sweets. So, you should definitely include them into your party activities. All the kids at your home will be greatly pleased with such tasty and sweet amusement. Buy various kinds of candies, put them into a large bowl and let the children taste all of them. But that should be a blind taste test. The participants must not see the candies they eat. The main idea of this activity is to guess each kind of sweets.


6. Sweet Hearts

Sweet Hearts

By having this activity on Valentine’s Day, you will treat your kids with tasty sweets and give them a chance to create something on their own at the same time. Sweet cookies in the shape of hearts can be a splendid idea for this event. Bake these cookies beforehand. When the children come to your home, give them cookies together with colorful icing. They will gladly decorate festive pastry.


7. Stop and Find Your Heart

Stop and Find Your Heart

Everybody knows a popular game from our childhood “musical chairs.” Why not try one of its variations for Valentine’s Day party? Use hearts to make a circle on the floor. It is important that the number of hearts should be less than the number of children. Choose a popular song to play for this activity. When the music is stopped, the kids should choose a heart and stand on it. Those who can’t find their heart do not participate any more. The winner of the game is the only kid standing on a heart.

Will you celebrate this Valentine’s Day with your children? What about throwing a party? Have you already decided on the activities to amuse the kids? Please, share your ideas with us.




Amazingly Fun Valentine’s Day Activities for Children