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People with rampant intimacy earn more at work

Did u ever think that your romance is related to your earning income? A study at Anglia Ruskin University has proved that people who make their love two to three times a week earn 4.5% more than those who are less romance active.

Love your wife as marital Romance gets a second wind

It is an open secret that the intimacy between the married couples comes down with time. But the researchers from three Universities in the Southern US stated that couples whose marriages last longer than half a century experience a rebound.

A good shopping deal feels like having great romance

According to a new study it was revealed that “good shopping deals at your favourite store not only relieve you from stress or mood swings but can also arouse the euphoric joy of an orgasm! The researchers from University of Michigan found that finding good deals is similar to the feeling of great romance. It is quite surprising to understand […]

Movies That Teach Us about Love

I’m a big fan of romantic movies and any movies that can teach me about love are real winners for me. I agree that love is not actually like this in real life, but we are girls and we can dream sometimes, right? Check out a few movies that teach us about love.

Fall in Love with a Country Guy

Nowadays women tend to underrate country guys. Most of them are trying to find a wealthy man and they don’t even think of dating a country man. Studies show that country guys make perfect boyfriends and husbands. They are not as brave and rich as most city guys, but they know how to treat a woman, surprise her and they […]

Revive Passion In Your Relationship

No, this article isn’t going to drone on about the usual passion props. After 30 years of researching what works in helping couples revive their relationships, including sex, I simply can’t just buy into the tips that you now find in every glossy magazine.

Ways to Find Your Love Before Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches most girls will be hosting and attending numerous parties or going out with their friends. If you are single and you find it difficult to find the right guy, you should definitely read this post! The point is that men that you do come into contact with might have looked the other way because of your […]

Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Husband Will Love

Every Valentine’s Day is a reminder of the love that you share with your partner and it is also a great occasion to celebrate your love. If you want to make this Valentine’s Day special, check out a list of 10 Valentine’s Day gifts your husband will definitely love.

The Female Orgasm: How it Works

Want it, need it, have to have it — but what precisely is happening when you’re climaxing? Here, the science behind the female orgasm It’s the only thing that feels better than diving into a cool lake on a sweltering day, biting into a juicy cheeseburger when you’re starving, or even getting your wallet back after losing it on vacation […]

Incredibly Entertaining Activities for Valentine’s Day

One of the most romantic holidays is coming soon and we all look forward to this special day to share our love and joy with our sweethearts. This year you have a wonderful opportunity to make this holiday even more memorable. Annually we follow the same list of activities on this day. Don’t you feel the necessity to change something […]

Ways Singles Can Have a Fantastic Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday not only for couples, but for singles too! Although Valentine’s Day makes some people become more aware of the fact that they are single, there are a lot of things you can do without anyone else. You don’t have to spend money on gifts and chocolate, and you don’t need to get out of […]

Men Reveal Their Secret Sexual Fantasies

Everyone has sexual fantasies, and that’s a good thing—they can take regular ol’ sex into straight-up OMG amazing territory. Apart from being like an X-rated On Demand movie that makes anything possible in your own mind, fantasies are also interesting when you want to get a peek into what really makes a guy tick. We reached out to real men […]

Most-Ignored Sexual Erogenous Zone

The taint. If you had a dollar for every time you’ve heard a joke about it, you’d probably be pretty flush right now. But if all you’re doing with your taint is laughing at it, then you’re missing out on some serious pleasure. The space between your genitals and your anus, a.k.a. the perineum, is packed with nerve endings. “The addition […]

Most Romantic Ways to Propose on Valentine’s Day

Proposing to sweetheart is always an exciting task. However, Valentine’s Day is the day for celebrating romance and love, and you can take your chances! The best things in life don’t come without a struggle, but there is one powerful weapon that will help you to win that biggest battle of life so far. Being romantic is the key here. […]